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  1. Falappa

    HELLO Farah here n im NEW!=)

    WELCOME FARAH!!! I'M MALAYSIAN TOO!!!! I'm from KL!!!!!!! AND I'M FARAH TOO!!!!!!!! this is too cool... Haf fun MMing...
  2. Falappa

    Hamzah is on da SRA

    YEEEEEEEEEY HAMZAH!!! Congrats MashAllah! he are our new SRA man... but for commerce... but still! Oh! and Yey for the Science man... who prolly doesn't want me announcing his name!!! Muslims in the SRA that's the first step to total domination of McMaster... Yey again!!!
  3. hahaha like our wonderful new bridges cafe... mmm veggie barf...
  4. Falappa


    OYYYYYEEEE my happie friend!!! enjoy the craziness that is MM... and if you fail all your courses dun blame me
  5. Falappa

    Popeyes Appreciation Thread

    Yea yea props to Popeyes.....a moment on the lips, forver on the hips
  6. Falappa


    Welcome ^wow seemy is like so smart *rolls eyes* Hey what part of the orient are you from?
  7. Falappa

    Listening to...

  8. Falappa


    NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMM Welcome, welcome! Mah rooomiee!!! Now we can waste away our days together!! Just dun post any embarassin stories... you know too much... Enjoy
  9. Falappa

    Do girls think too much?

    seriously Hamzah we aren't all that shallow... If you're gonna write articles like that at least show both sides... I know of a few guys who think that way too...worst even...
  10. Falappa

    Your most hated sport

    yea even real wrestling... olympic wrestling... there's so much pressure on the athlete to stay in a particular weight catagory... I'd like to add figure skating to my list
  11. Falappa

    Your most hated sport

    golf is superkewl... and really fun... I hate boxing...beating the **** outta someone is not a sport...
  12. Falappa

    You know you're desi when...

    when you have trouble pronouncing WHITE WINE VINEGAR
  13. Falappa


    STAR WARS???????? I only ever cried for The Last Samurai... It was really weird too cuz I watched it in theatres...I dun even cry watching movies at home so this was different...
  14. Falappa


    As Public Relations officer of the McMaster MSA... It is your DUTY to go...
  15. Falappa

    MYNA Articles?

    Yea moin I dun see you carrying bushidos shurikens or wearing a black leotard.