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  1. does your name mean fried butter?

  2. Yeah, they were called the "red kaffirs" before the king of Afghanistan converted them around the turn of the century because of their red clothing. There is still a non-Muslim group called the Kalash who live in Chitral in Pakistan who have a similar language and culture.
  3. A couple of years? More like 8 centuries.
  4. Does Silva not know that at one point in history, even parts of Afghanistan were under Hindu rule? Indians don't want to claim Pakistan as their own land, but the truth is that a significant number of Indians fled places like Sindh and West Punjab, so they still have a claim to those places as an ancestral home.
  5. Diya Mirza is half German. I think her mother was originally a Bengali Hindu (her name was Deepa). However, she remarried herself to a Muslim named Ahmed and converted to Islam. Despite this, Diya Mirza doesn't consider herself Muslim. Nevertheless, she was born in Hyderabad, so I guess that makes her Hyderabadi. I don't actually think she's that hot. A lot of people obviously like the fact that she's very white, but I think she's a bit of a no-neck, I mean, haven't we all at least seen her in Lage Raho Munnabhai; she's a total no-neck. But hell, I'd stick it in her.
  6. Other peoples' perceptions of my race have evolved in the following fashion-- Elementary school: "Chinese" (I have no East Asian features whatsoever; chances are that the kids who called me Chinese didn't know any other ethnic groups besides white, black, and chinese) Middle School and High School: "Arab" (I had a lot of fun trying to convince people that I had no connection to Osama Bin Laden), along with "Italian;" I passed for a Costa Rican on a trip to Costa Rica University: I've gotten Iranian, Greek, Kurdish (of all things), even Jewish for some reason (my nose, I guess). I am half white and half Indian, and I guess it's fun to have some sort of racial ambiguity, but I feel that South Asians have a stupid racial stigma that makes them proud to be mistaken for someone from the Mediterranean or the Middle East. It's a compliment when someone says that you look Arab or Persian or whatever bs, but it's an insult to be called Indian-looking. However, a dark-skinned person from South India looks just as good as a North Indian or a person from anywhere else in the world. South Asians need to stop being so hung up on "ethnic looks" and realize, 1) that, yes, a lot of us look like people from the Mediterranean and West Asia; maybe it just means that we're all pretty much the same, and 2) that yes, some of us are dark skinned, but if you look at Arabs who live as far south as South India, they're just as dark.
  7. To ahy-- I don't hate the sinner; I hate the sin. And by "sin," I am not referring to Islam; I don't care whether or not someone is Muslim. By "sin," I was referring to your ignorant comments. If you take issue with other religions or the people that follow them, express yourself in an intelligent manner instead of resorting to childish name-calling. About Sanskrit-- I guess it originally was spoken by the "white" Aryans, but after settling in India and being exposed to the hot and tropical climate for a few millennia, they weren't so white anymore. Yes, there are some amazing similarities between Sanskrit and European languages like Latin, Greek, etc. and even Slavic languages.. however, the similar words are not of Slavic origin.. all of the words in all IE languages are of proto-IE origin. Interestingly enough, though, the language that Sanskrit has the most in common with is Baltic-- Lithuanian. Amazing how people can travel so far yet still have so much in common. And while it is easy to understand some Sanskrit words that show a great deal of affinity with other IE languages (like "sunus" (son) and "duhitr" (daughter)), there are alternative words that are often used more commonly, like putra and putri. There are also some clever constructed words.. for example, "pada-pah" or "foot-drinker", ie a tree. Now, since a joke needs to be told, and we have been discussing Indo-Aryan languages, I will tell this one; it is a bit corny, but suitable for all ages; maybe soem people have heard it before. Disclaimer: although the joke is about a Sikh, I like Sikhs and think they're great people. A sardarji is taking his citizenship test and has to take an oral English exam. The instructor informs him that he is going to test him on antonyms (he has to explain what antonyms are). So, first he says "good," to which the Sardarji responds "bad." Then, he says "up," and the Sardarji says "down." Then, finally, he says "ugly," and the Sardarji proudly says "pichhli." (Note: In Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi, "agli" means the girl in front and "pichhli" means the girl behind you).
  8. Wow, ahy, when it comes to disregarding what people have written and putting words in their mouths, you are the reigning champ. When did I say that I "belonged" to India? I said nothing of the sort. I don't know if you read more that one sentence of what I wrote, but I emphasized my interest in other cultures and measures taken by myself to learn about different cultures. I have facial features and a skin color that makes it easy for myself to blend in with most people from Latin America, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. I have visited Italy and Costa Rica, where I have passed for a native, and it's nice to be able to blend in with communities that are not my own. Nevertheless, does that change my ethnicity? I don't think so. Ethnicity is a permanent thing. I am not going to magically grow epicanthic folds in my eyes and become Chinese. I am aware of who I am. I real life, I keep a relatively low ethnic profile, but I am not going to hide my ethnicity. "It's so sad that you are restricted as to what your father is--" There's no sadness involved, and there's no "restriction" per se involved either. I am no racial supremacist, but I embrace my cultural roots because I see no reason to be ashamed of them--no one should have to be ashamed of "their people," not even you, ahy, although I've found Bosnians to be pretty secular, and that might embarass you. I don't know what "Lakum deenukum waliya deen" means. I would quote some Sanskrit that you can't understand, but since I don't know what that means, I can't find a relevant quote. I am aware that their are Indian Muslims. I am very well-read with regard to South Asian culture. Your use of the word "brown" is quite glib. I have come to disapprove of the word; South Asians have a diverse range of skin colors. I thought the joke was rather funny conceptually. I wouldn't condone the shooting of a Pakistani. But the idea of disliking someone so much due to certain qualifying factors that you would spare two horrible people in order to ensure the said man's death has some comic merit. "I guess I can understand now why most people think 'all Arabs are Muslims' and 'you become Arab' when you become Muslim--" I don't know what source you are going by. But certainly, the spread of Islam has assimilated people into Arab culture. Look at the Berbers, and the South Arabians of Oman and Yemen. Their languages and customs were swept under the rug, but at least the Berbers have been fighting to get theirs back. So, in a way, they became Arab whan they became Muslim. I too am wary of nationalism, but I believe that being proud of one's own country is not tantamount to hating people from other countries. As for your last comments, I agree with you, Pakistan and India do share a similar culture; both countries primarily speak Indo-Aryan languages, so there you go. So let's see where this exchange went. You said that Hindus are *******s. I told you not to generalize and explained that both Indian Hindus and Pakistani Muslims can be equally hateful. You retorted saying that Hindus are filthy *******s, and that I am restricted to being Indian. I countered, stating again that Pakistanis can be *******s too, and demonstrated to you that while I am Indian, I have displayed a marked interest in other cultures my whole life. This failed to register, but you then decried Pakistanis who hate India and are nationalist. So, while we dislike this Pakistani nationalism for different reasons, most likely, this exchange has made progress. Congrats.
  9. Don't kid yourself ahy, I don't care about you. I just felt the need to respond to one of your many ridiculous comments. I know that you've turned this forum into your own little playground of religious prejudice, and aww, now you're mad because I've spoiled your fun. "stuck as an atheist and stuck a [sic] an Indian." "Indian" is both a nationality and an ethnicity. Most people can't change their ethnicity; I guess I could if I really wanted, but I don't really care to. (By the way, I'm half Scottish, so you're already wrong there). If you mean that I don't absorb cultures around me, you're wrong. I've spent a great deal of time with the family of my Turkish friend Can (you remember him, I'm sure) and learnt a great deal of culture. I can actually follow his parents' Turkish conversations to some extent. I've had Iranian and Arab friends as well. In addition, I studied Japanese in high school and Korean on my own. Hell, last year at uni, I took Urdu (a primarily MUSLIM language) and I plan to take another year. So yes, while I am bound to the Indian ethnicity due to the fact that my dad is Indian, I have explored other cultures a great deal as well; at an early age I memorized phrases in all sorts of languages including more obscure ones like Kazakh. As for the atheist comment, I am not stuck as an atheist; indeed, I have become more open to the idea of a higher power in the last couple of years. In fact, during the heyday of Brown Times, I was interested in Islam, but the ugly nature of people like you quelled my interest to some extent. To your 3rd paragraph: Like I said, chief, if you look for jokes by Pakistanis about Indians, you will find some "hateful" jokes that are in bad taste as well. Both sides do this sort of thing. And no, it is not funny. It's actually the opposite of your Serb comparison. Both Indians and Pakistanis come from the same ancestors, but many Pakistanis claim that they have no Hindu blood (which in their opinion, is a "filthy" thing), but that they are 100% Persian or Arab or Turk, or some other ridiculous claim. Go use google, you'll find a million forums with Pakistanis making claims like that, and that all Indians are of a different race than Pakistanis and are all dark and ugly. So, in short, both religions "hate" on each other. You could go back to trying to see who started it all. However, hatred of other religions is a fundamental part of your creed, so the Muslims would look suspicious. Luckily, I have met many Muslims who are open-minded with regard to people of other religions. So touchée, *******. And to any spectators, I have nothing against Pakistanis; I am just pointing out to my good friend ahy that these sort of things happen on both sides.
  10. Funny that you should start a joke thread, ahy, because you're a joke. Claiming that you're "brownwashed" doesn't make you an authority on Hindus and how they're all "*******s." Yeah, there are Indian sites on the internet that say horrible things about Pakistanis. But I have also encountered Pakistani websites and forums that say the most sickening things about Indian people. Fight your own battles. It's bad enough to have Hindus and Muslims in South Asia exchanging hatred, we don't need some racially disoriented Balkanite jumping in and acting like he knows what he's talking about. In my high school, there were a number of people from Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. I learned some phrases and a bit about the cultures of the aforementioned nations, but you won't find me going around and calling one of the ethnicities "*******s" like I know what I'm talking about. Your generalizations are completely unnecessary, as are your opinions in general. No one needs to hear from you on the internet, and I'm sure that's true about real life as well.
  11. Kafarsonparade-- I think Sikhs would be outraged at you calling their religion a "pseudo-Islamic cult," since they desire no association with Islam or Muslims. And if people are lauding allaahuakbar.net and calling it a legitimate source of knowledge do to its Hinduism article, I might state that the article in question is full of faulty information and easily refutable, so I can imagine that its other articles must be as well.
  12. My favorite is probably Mangalore (not Bangalore) or Mysore, with Bombay following close behind.
  13. I saw Tiesto in concert last night.. I didn't stay for the whole thing, but it was pretty amazing.
  14. About Jews in Afghanistan-- Last I heard, there is one Jew in Afghanistan, who takes care of the Kabul synagogue. And Ahy, speaking of sad, it's pretty sad that you hate religious diversity so much. There were Hindus in what we call Afghanistan today before there were Muslims, and I am always glad to see people of ancient religious traditions keeping the flame burning. And yeah, I'm sure all of the Hindus in Afghanistan have VCRs, so good luck with your video proselytism. Even more interestingly, I have a source that says that there are tiny numbers of Hindus living as far north as Tajikistan, but I can't find much material on that.
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