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  1. No OBL on MM?

    If anyone thinks that I posted the Sheikh Usama video simply to 'make a statement' or cause an uproar or whatever, this was not the reason. I honestly feel that it is very beneficial, and he made a lot of excellent points in the lecture, points that many people refuse to make. It was almost like a battle plan. I respect that a lot, and it made me excited. I think he's extremely inspirational, but people refuse to see past the labels that have unfairly been put on him.
  2. No OBL on MM?

    Akhi, you act as if all I do in my life is sit on MM and post articles and lectures. This is not so. I do what I can as a female, in terms of dawah. I also disagree that satire is an answer, as I believe that too much laughter deadens the heart. I think that there are many things that we as Muslims need to be serious about, actually, the majority of issues need to be taken seriously and not just laughed about. To each their own, though. I understand that it is a comedic site, but my only intention for being here is dawah and associating with the sisters in the sisters' section. Even the people I know see this forum as a moderate site, and ask why I bother to post here, but I'm very serious about dawah. I don't think one forum is the answer to the world, but if many different people talk to many different Muslims, then insha'Allaah it will work and bring people to the haqq. I'm not the only one working on the dawah of ahlus sunnah wal jama'ah. Everyone tries to put in their own work fee sabilillaah, and even though as a woman I may not be able to be on the street giving dawah, I can do so online because I am not drawing attention to myself. I do what I feel is obligatory upon me as a Muslim. Take my posts in context, ukhti... I was explaining something, it was in general, not directly related to the closure of my Sheikh Usama lecture thread. Which I still haven't gotten a satisfactory explanation for, btw. I know that people see him as extreme, but is this grounds to attempt to silence him? Even if you don't agree with him, what happened with taking the good and leaving the bad?
  3. No OBL on MM?

    It was to the people of this forum in general that have this 'moderate' or 'liberal' ideology of compromising their deen for the taghoot. If you recall, I said 'people like you' not directly 'you.' I fully believe that the moderate/liberal/reformist/progressive ideologies are destroying our Ummah from the inside. More than any outside force. This is called Al-Wahn, and it's very serious. I made a thread about it if you want to go check it out, it's in the dawah section. To summarize, it's a love of dunya and a fear of death. It's the desire to satisfy ones own nafs over the greater good for the Ummah. I.e. blackballing the topic of jihaad, which is very important as there is a war on Islam as we sit here in our comfortable homes, typing on this forum.. More than anything, I don't care if you people don't go fight in jihaad, because I know all of you med and engineering students would much rather earn a degree than die fee sabilillaah, and I know that the jihaad of women is hajj, however, at the very least, it's good to be informed about what's going on with your Muslim brothers and sisters, speak out against it, advocate for jihaad and not turn a blind eye as if it's not happening. I honestly believe that rasulullaah saws would be outraged to see the cowardly Muslims of today. If you can't be a lion, make cubs. Insha'Allaah that's what I plan to do. Edit: When advised with naseeha, it is bad adab to point the faults of the one who is giving the naseeha.
  4. No OBL on MM?

    The thing is, I didn't breach any guidelines, particularly I'm talking about the thread with the lecture from Sheikh Usama. Also, at times, certain things need to be said and there is a level of harshness that is permitted in Islam when dealing with people of jahiliyyah. I didn't make takfeer, because I know that this forum is fairly serious about that. I don't generally make takfeer anyway, except when it comes to rulers of Muslim lands. Generally, I'm very polite on this forum, and I tend to try to avoid personal arguments and the like, because again, I see no benefit from such things. If I see a debate that I am taking place in is going nowhere, I refrain from posting in that particular thread, because it's useless, imo. However, I do see it as clear hypocrisy that my thread was closed and the videos delinked, when no one even listened to the lecture, subhana'Allaah. One thing we should remember is that a drop of blood of a Muslim is worth more than the ka'aba. The Sheikh proposed a realistic solution for the people of ghaza, and it was mindlessly taken down without even having been listened to. I didn't even post his name, purposely, because I wanted people to actually listen and not just neglect it because his face is such a taboo image in today's society, which it shouldn't be. Anyway, I digress. My point is, the videos were taken down and the solution was ignored, therefore I will be harsh to the moderators and those that approve of them being taken down, as by being silent it is consenting and permitting the Zionists to continue killing our brothers and sisters in the west bank. Sitting around protesting isn't going to do jack for the people of ghaza, but having the intention (which is fardh btw) to go for jihaad is.
  5. No OBL on MM?

    You're extremely rude. Where's your adab? It's nice to see that the admin of this forum is so good at following his own guidelines.
  6. No OBL on MM?

    What about enjoining the good and forbidding the evil? I have the full intention to leave this forum fairly soon, because I do not see any benefit from it. No benefit to others from my dawah, and no benefit to myself from others. 9/10 times it's mindless chatter about useless topics on this forum that have been either discussed to death or are simply free-mixing. Speaking good or staying silent, I don't believe, is applicable in this situation. This thread is a serious naseeha to the members of this forum that are compromising their Islam in return for being ignored by the government. I believe that many of these types, the so-called 'moderates' if you will, even if they believe these words in their heart, from the clear evidences from the Qur'aan and the sunnah, that they are munafiqeen because they would rather stay silent out of fear of the taghoot. It was my goal to change this in at least a few from this forum, but it could only be expected from these second-generation coward desis are too afraid to accept the truth.
  7. No OBL on MM?

    Your sarcastic and not-so-subtle insults aren't amusing. However, I do believe that giving dawah to Muslims is a very important part of Islam. I.e. enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. That being said, I mostly post beneficial lectures or post only with ahadith or Qur'aanic ayaat. Sorry, you lose. I said in my post that you should at the very least speak out about things, whether it's Islam or jihaad or whatever, and me being a female, it's not really possible for me to fight with my hands, so I do what I can. I believe the American government let the attacks on 9/11 take place, regardless of who committed them, I do not believe that Sheikh Usama was "responsible" for it. He obviously wasn't on any of the planes. I've never once been visited by the FBI, and I'm sure that my dealings are much more risque than yours. Sheikh Usama is a man of knowledge. People may deny this because he didn't get an official `alim degree from any Saudi school. Personally, the way I see it, just because you go to a school for 6 or 7 years and they say you're an `alim, doesn't make you an `alim or a Sheikh. Real `ilm comes from experience and implementing the Qur'aan and sunnah in your life for years. His knowledge and wisdom, that I believe qualifies him as a sheikh, stems from his experience on the battlefield, the time he has spent with the `ulaama, and the taziyah that has been given to him by many. Plus, he has some of the most extensive knowledge of the fiqh of jihaad, from years of experience and the wisdom that comes with it. He's not like some of these shuyukh that sit in their condos with a pool in the back that have never stepped a foot onto the battlefield.
  8. No OBL on MM?

    Assalaamu alaikum, this thread is being made in reference to: http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20719 Let me first begin by replying to Extempers, because a lot of my argument is covered here. Akhi, I dunno why that matters. Honestly, I don't care if you and I are on the same page, because I only care if my aqeedah is correct in the eyes of Allaah swt. "Khawarij" solutions? Did you even watch the lecture? If you're implying that I'm an internet jihaadi, stop right there. There's no need for personal insults. First of all, I linked a lecture from a respectable Sheikh that is well versed in the fiqh of jihaad. Someone who gave up their life and the vast wealth that they accumulated, their entire life savings, to fight in jihaad fee sabilillaah. How can you disrespect him by implying he is a khariji? This is completely uncalled for and it's very clear you have not listened to one word from this brother, subhana'Allaah. I may have a different opinion regarding you, but these videos do not break any guideline under the forum rules. It is strictly about those suffering in ghaza, and it's unfair to ask for the thread to be closed simply because you don't like Sheikh Usama. Don't debate with me about him, because I'm not interested in it. I don't go around attacking the shuyukh that others like on this forum but I don't respect, so don't think you can do the same to me and the shuyukh that I respect and take from, simply because you think their views are a tad "extreme." P.S. Do you even know who the khawarij are? They are those that are harsh on the Muslims but lenient and easy with the kuffar. Neither myself, nor Sheikh Usama fall into this category. In fact, it's the complete opposite, so don't attack my aqeedah when you don't even know who you are accusing me of being. JazakAllaahu khairun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, when Ms. SC snipped and closed my thread, her reason for edit was "No OBL on MM" Why? Why no OBL on MM? Because you people think he's "extreme?" Have any one of you ever even listened to any of his lectures? Or listened to his words? Do you know of his background and what he gave up for Islam and Jihaad fee sabilillaah? You are blatantly discriminating against him without having any knowledge of him. It's pretty pathetic that you all are so brainwashed by the west to see him as a bad person and anything other than our respected brother in Islam. Wallaahi, it saddens me to see this. I could easily go and hate on Hamza Yusuf for his sitting with kufar and ahlul bid'ah. I could easily talk trash about Yasir Qadhi for compromising his walaa' wa baraa'. I could sit here and hate on Rabee' al-Madkhali for his loving the taghoot. Or Nazim Kabbani and Hisham Kabbani for their blatant shirk and kufr and bid'ah. Or Johari Abdul Malik. Or Tariq Ramadhan. Or Mohamed Yacoubi. But I don't. Why? Because I don't care about the 'scholars' that others follow even if I have no respect for them. I avoid threads related to them, I don't hate. I guarantee no one can give me a reason of closing my thread and delinking my videos, other than "he's too extreme." Wallaahi, it's pathetic the lack of basic `ilm and correct aqeedah on this forum. I'm not being arrogant but this is complete censorship because you 'rulers' of MM want people to see Islam one way, and one way only. The 'moderate' way. Yeah! Take down the videos of Sheikh Usama because America calls him a terrorist! God forbid that someone here gets questioned by the FBI because they attend a forum with ONE thread about ONE lecture from Sheikh Usama! We wouldn't want to upset the western governments, now would we? After all, they run our lives, no? Oh, it's perfectly okay for someone who calls himself a Muslim to flaunt the fact that he's fighting alongside the kuffar in Muslim lands, but gee whiz, you post a lecture from a revolutionary freedom fighting hero, and all of a sudden you're a khariji and you have crossed the line! Subhana'Allaah, today I have been censored in so many ways on this forum, in my attempts of spreading the haqq. My posts have been edited before anyone could even see them! I posted photos of beautiful sisters, real women training for jihaad in Afghanistan to defeat the enemy, but subhana'Allaah, this was too taboo for this forum. I posted a wonderful, beneficial lecture from a respectable Mujahid, who has dedicated his life to jihaad, about the liberation of ghaza, and my thread was closed and the videos were delinked. There is nothing more honorable than fighting in jihaad, but you people make it to be taboo and as if it's a deadly sin to even make mention of it! You progressives are tools of shaytaan to put doubt into the hearts of the Muslims, and lead them away from the haqq into pathetic despair and you are the reason that this ummah is falling to peaces. Our lands are being stolen because of people like YOU. Our sisters are being raped because of people like YOU! Our brothers are being shot at because of people like YOU. Our children are being used as human shields because of people like YOU. The mothers of our ummah are taking off their hijaabs because of people like YOU. Our innocent brothers are being tortured, maimed and humiliated in prison camps because of people like YOU! The ummah is lacking in unity because of people like YOU! THINK, brothers and sisters! Silence is consent!! If you do not fight these Zionist powers, at least with your tongues, then you are consenting for these things to take place! Fear only Allaah swt! Think about yourselves and what you are doing to benefit the ummah! What are you doing? You succumb to the whims of the enemy government, you eat up the propaganda they shove in your faces via the Zionist-run media! You befriend the kuffar and defend them over the Muslims. You avoid topics of jihaad, you avoid standing up against injustice, and you avoid standing with the mujahideen, the few people left in this ummah with even the smallest portion of dignity. Not only that, you attempt to snatch away their dignity by slandering the mujahideen that are fighting in Somalia, in Afghanistan. You love the rulers and taghoot. If you can not fight physically, then spread the word of the haqq, and even this you refuse to do! Ya illaahi I pray for the ummah to be guided to siratul mustaqeem! Wallaahi ya Rubbi I make du'aa that Imam Mahdi comes in the lifetime of my children so my sons can be in the front lines, and the first to spill their blood fee sabilillaah, may Allaah swt make them shuhadah. Wallaahil adheem I pray for Sheikh Usama to be made shaheed and live in the hearts of green birds. Thumma ameen!
  9. BTW: This is MINT. It just came out this month alhamdulillaah.
  10. Assalaamu alaikum, Arabic with English subtitles.
  11. Honorable?

    I dunno, someone came in and linked it in a chatroom saying it was "an honorable and noble cause."
  12. (Late reply I know but I just saw it.) Just because they aren't Muslim doesn't mean we shouldn't hate their actions, also when this modern day hip-hop culture has crawled into the style of the Muslim youth and as cubster said, they are imitating them. I personally hate seeing people dressed like idiots, regardless of their religion. I also hate seeing things that go against the sunnah, again, regardless of religion. Why? Because these things are constantly on my mind. When I see my sister blow on hot food, I don't like it. I know that she's not Muslim, and doesn't know the sunnah, but I also know that this was something we were advised to not do by the best example of mankind. Didn't know that, very interesting.
  13. lol, I dunno... I hate clutter. :P

  14. Rasulullaah saws and the sahabah ra never celebrated his birthday. People celebrate it today as a form of an ibadah and therefore it is a bid'ah. It's an innovation into Islam and something we should avoid and let pass as any other day.