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    Charity in Islam

    Assa-la-malikum I was just wondering if you all can share your knowledge about the fact that in Islam it is said that when one gives chairty not to boost about it or seek recognition. So in doing so here in States we get a donation tax reciept to use in our taxes? Do you feel this defeats the purpose of "giving" when you will get it back in taxes or it still stands a a well given chairty... I found the following on this both giving openly and secretly but I wanted to know what everyone elses opnion is? Giving in secret Allah says, "If you give alms openly, it is well, and if you hide it and give it to the poor, it is better for you" (Qur'an 2:271). For a Muslim, charity is given to stave off miserliness and to draw nearer to Allah, if instead the donor seeks fame, then the act of charity becomes worthless. Giving in secret is often better for the donor since it protects against insincerity, and it is better for the recipient as it maintains his dignity. Giving openly Sometimes it is better to give charity publicly, so that others will also do the same. However, you must be on guard against any hypocritical notions. Another danger of this is offending the dignity of the poor person. It may be hurtful to him to be seen to be needy. Scholars say that if someone is asking for charity publicly, there is no need to worry about offending him by also giving publicly.[/font
  2. Assala-ma-likum: Brothers and sisters I would like to share this forum with all those who want advise on Sihir, Shirk, Ruqya. This is a new forum that was a yahoo group and just recently became a forum. Please join if you would like advise from professional Rakis. http://www.ruqyashariyah.org/forum/
  3. Assal-amalikum Brothers and sisters do any of you know of any dua, ayat, Surah that can be placed in a place of business to increase profits if our business is going slow. Or to recite any duas.????
  4. BIN786

    Witir Prayers

    Assal-ma-likum, My fellow muslim brothers and sisters. There is so much out there about how to pray Witir namaz and it is all different. My main question is after the second rakat one stands up reads Alam Sharif then a surah then says Allah hu Akbar then Dua Qunoot or another dua and goes into Ruku then sajda or straight into sajada?
  5. BIN786

    Jumah Prayers

    Mashallah Thanks for all the wealth of information. That is exalty what I wanted to know. What Surahs, what duas. Makes a lot of sense thanks for the information it will be very useful.
  6. BIN786

    Jumah Prayers

    I was just wondering since Friday is such a holy day to Muslims all around the world. Are their certain duas, prayers, surahs one should read? What do you all do for your Friday prayers... besides the normal rakats and dua? If you have any insight please share...
  7. BIN786

    Islamic Law and Four Wives

    Thank you! A lot of good inoformation. Very informative. Thanks for the post.
  8. BIN786

    Islamic Law and Four Wives

    Can anyone give me the laws behind muslim men marrying four wives? What are their obligations? What right does the first wife have? We all know from Prophet Muhammad's time(PBUH) that why their was a logical reasoning behind social issues and the nature of the polygamous marriage. Please if you have information from history documenting these logics or you know what the laws are today in this century about having four wives... Please share
  9. Assala-malikum: Brothers and sisters I would like to share these wonderful links to the websites I find useful for all my Islamic needs. They offer posters, books, digital CDs, DVDs, clothing, children’s items, gifts and much more that can be found to fulfill your Islamic desires in every part of your life. Please check these links out and you will not regret it. Inshallah http://www.simplyislam.com http://www.ipalmdigitalquran.com