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  1. babydawlllllll

  2. blueberry

    Euro 2012

    unfortunately m53r is right. it's not really a harry potter reference thats why you dont get it
  3. blueberry

    Euro 2012

    i hate it when everyones like balotelli isnt a real italian, its like, im sorry but you probably arent a real ___ what with colonisation and wars and conquests and immigration and all that so you arent really one to talk.
  4. blueberry

    Euro 2012

    voldemort is soooooo pissed off dude it's really scary.
  5. blueberry

    Euro 2012

    ikr spain will probably win in penalties...
  6. blueberry

    Euro 2012

    italys defense was soo good germany didnt even like touch them
  7. blueberry

    Keeping Your Memory Cards Safe

    i keep it in the camera
  8. blueberry

    Euro 2012

    im sorry but is di rossi like drunk
  9. alright UAE, who wants to go to the lil wayne concert w/ me on the first day of ramadan? gold class has a buffet. regular has free water and dates, AND there's an intermission for ramadan. SOUNDS AWESOME RIGHT.

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    2. lady_murasaki_sa
    3. blueberry


      of course sky walker.

      excuse me LM but it was never my intention to metaphorically stab you! (through the herat)

    4. blueberry
  10. i need ze khat betiji.

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    2. stillcantthinkofaname
    3. blueberry



      can i send it subha mein? it is on usb w/ baba at ofice

    4. stillcantthinkofaname


      yeah, send it when ever you like.

  11. blueberry

    Slang Arabic

    whenever you like? you stopped responding to my lessons last yr
  12. blueberry

    Slang Arabic

    thank you!! the best part was the look on my dads face I HAVE FINALLY LIVED UP TO HIS EXPECTATIONS
  13. happy spam happy spam

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    2. ferrero rocher

      ferrero rocher

      Spam is maps backwards. Dear dear mods.

    3. stillcantthinkofaname


      halal spam is fine.

      and forum spam is VERY fine.

    4. M-C


      YAY happy happy!! haha