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  1. BaSHUNti!!!! Why have thou forsaken me?


  3. Why no come on skype no more. *sniff*

  4. Your absence furthers the cause of trolls. MM needs you. Will you heed the call?

  5. Salam, Why did you leaveeeeeeee??

  6. Remember the hand pic? Do you think you can get me that by this weekend? Please?

  7. Alright, enough of all that. It's time to come back, mine sister.

  8. Your absence will not just be noticed. It will be felt. Godspeed, mine sister. May your journey always end in jannah, Ameen.

  9. Basanti


    it's about time that I leave the forum for good. InshaAllah there'll be no relapse *crosses fingers* If I offended anyone please forgive me. Salaamu alaikum
  10. ha! I mistook the apparent peace and safety to mean trolls no longer wanted to conquer these here parts. Boi was I wrong! The troll czar vanquishes his enemy under the cover of night, leaving us oblivious to his heroic activities. A true hero.
  11. With wisps of fear and under the cover of night he protects these parts, Daring any ill-fated fiend to show their hide, Using his razor sharp bad-guy picker upper to analyze their remarks, He disposes of the troublemaker, ensuring peace again will abide. where is the troll czar anyway?
  12. yup. i go to hollywood when i wanna get accurate information about history.
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