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  1. shoaibmak

    World T20 2009

    Who said they were not? Anyway... I just hope that the Paki batting line up starts working our fine... Gul was awesome against New Zealand.
  2. I don't believe in "meeting the right person" thing. You just cannot have what you dream of. How many would actually dream up of someone with both the negative and positive aspects of the dream boy/girl personality-wise? And yes, men really ARE simple. Women, in my life, don't tend to understand that and as the article says, they like to criticise. But that's just my experience.
  3. did you accept her request beta? don't lie OK?..x

  4. ahem a few minutes im just going to sort out ma sista down there:p asking people about fb? tut tut...

  5. Hahhaa well.. what can I say? I surprise people a lot.. I guess. Ive added you there. Nice name btw :D

  6. Damn... I've never had a more formal request for being a friend... don't know how to respond! :P

    Haha, add me up Syed Shoaib Ahsan Rizvi or champatbhaiyya@hotmail.com

    cya there...

  7. Would you mind being friends with me on FB? If not, it's all right.

    Of course I'll make dua man.

    yah Im on semester break now. School is boooring. One more intense semester to go, and then summer finally. inshaALLAH. good luck in school and all man. :P

  8. Salaam...

    Thanks for the wishes... I hope you pray for me as well. :)

    I've taken a break from MM, and I rarely come online at msn. There's just too much to do at Uni - planning and organising events, final year project and of course the studies as well... They're just taking a lot of time. I only manage to use facebook though! :)

    Anyway, how you doing? I

  9. Happy Birthday dude, You've never come online since summer. Remember me?

  10. shoaibmak

    Make Du'a for my Parents Yo!

    I guess it would be better that they show a bit more understanding for Islam and its teachings. After that, Musa would be in a much better situation to let his parents know of his beliefs...
  11. shoaibmak

    Engineering Help?

    I'm not that great an engineer in the making, but perhaps I might be of some help... or not!
  12. shoaibmak

    Google Chrome

    I don't have chrome... not until they have the beta thing out. Post up screenshots of those tricks here...
  13. shoaibmak


    Muhajireen... we have a history of doing that!
  14. shoaibmak


    My ancestors moved from the Middle East to Afghanistan and from there to India... and in the end Pakistan.
  15. shoaibmak


    No, it doesn't. Kashmiris have the right to choose for themselves whatever they want. The promised voting on the issue was never held by India, which is evidence enough that it is scared of losing it. May Allah liberate the Kashmir land... aameen!