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  1. can't believe it guessed Faustino Asprilla with literally the only real clue being he was south american and a striker.
  2. played it for the first time, heck it guessed Banana man so easily.
  3. I'm ready to go on my bike
  4. This is a pretty good deal, you will rarely find i5 this cheap and it's an Acer Edit: Few things to note about this laptop. It's basic. it weighs 2.45kg, so it's not light only 4.5 hours of battery life. It's ok No usb 3.0 No bluetooth Good processor but slow hard disk 5400 rpm
  5. Jazak. yeah I checked it out. what stopped me before was it's mainly on Fiqh and I've missed quite a bit now. In the meantime, I'm waiting for Al Adab al Mufrad to come through the post.
  6. Bump! Asalams Looks like we're going to wrap up title no 20 this year inshaAllah. RVP finally hit his peak and injury free Alhamdulillah. what a player ! haters going to hate
  7. I regret not signing up to this when I had the chance. Best thing about it, It's FREE...sad times
  8. Amazing pics. coming up to a year, time just flew by subhanAllah.
  9. BB 10 comes out soon I'm not sure when but probably early next year...
  10. Only thing about BB email is that you don't have access to folders, but other then that its pretty good. I send/receive instantly and the push notifications are great. I'm using the BB9900, best part is the qwerty keyboard and the size. it's also touch screen which is ok. The only negative thing about it is the battery life but there's a brilliant battery app on bb store which resolves the problem.
  11. Akhee

    Random IT Questions

    Problem could be the DVD region? Have you tried playing it in VLC player or something similar?
  12. Akhee

    Euro 2012

    Some of the goals and assists were gold!
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