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  1. Keena

    Thread Al-3rabi

    Lool he has such an attitude!
  2. Wa alaikum assalaam! I hope you're doing well :) Ameen to your duaa Sky and I wish the same for you.

  3. What bull♥♥♥♥.
  4. Asalaamu alaykum Ustaadhah, look at you all grown up! Yakthirukillah fil 'ilm wa 'amal wa fi kulli 'aalami hayaatik. Ameen.

  5. Keena

    New AMD Ryzen chips

    I have an Xbox 360 and Xbox One but I prefer to play on my laptop lol. Budget, let's say £500? My laptop can play games that were released in like 2010-2013 but anything more than that and it's incredibly laggy/has bad graphics etc.
  6. Keena

    New AMD Ryzen chips

    This is disappointing but very helpful, thanks! Next question (or thread?): recommend me a good gaming laptop that won't break the bank
  7. Keena

    New AMD Ryzen chips

    ''building a PC'' sounds like something impossible for me to do lol I don't play Mario or Zelda or those types of games lol
  8. Keena

    Thread Al-3rabi

    But I don't have an Arabic keyboard either and using the online one is torture.. sooo...
  9. Keena

    New AMD Ryzen chips

    Right so none of this made that much sense but I have some questions (which are very likely to be dumb): can you replace these chips in laptops? Or would you have to buy a new laptop with the new chip in? How important are these chips for gaming on my laptop? A lot of games that have been released in the last year or so don't work well on my laptop, so would it be enough to buy a new laptop with a new processor/one with more cores? If anyone can answer, I'd appreciate it. I don't know anyone who can explain this stuff to me and when I try to google it, I fall asleep.. Thanks.
  10. Keena

    Thread Al-3rabi

    Yeah, also ''how will you learn if someone else does your work?''
  11. Keena

    Thread Al-3rabi

    ohmydaiz it's so hard to read the transliterations
  12. Gonna use it for inspiration yeah?
  13. ohmydaiz I love lorenzo carcaterra's books! I read them all in one go a few years ago. Has he released anything recently?
  14. Keena

    Thread Al-3rabi

    Ha ha ha. No. Ismi sakeena
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