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  1. Sumaiya, I can just tell you right now. You are making the same mistake a lot of people make. You're thinking way too much. Just WRITE whatever YOU want. That is the best way. As dumb advice as that sounds...tah-rust me.
  2. How does one possibly do med school without having ever taken basic biology, chemistry, organic, and calc1+2? I've only graduated high school, and I've done all of those except for orgo, and I'm not really all that special either. (and this is asker, for some reason I'm logged into an old account)
  3. They're so freaking cute. Weebee, I wanna steal you for our muslim girls prom.....omg wanna cater at my wedding? ha ha blackberrieswould be awesome too
  4. OH MY GOD HELLO THE BEST FORUM EVER. Yeah so yesterday I saw my friend's hair staticify and go into a statue of liberty-esque formation and I was like ELECTRIC FIELD BABY. Anyways, to be truthful, I made this cuz I love this forum and I hated seeing those --- marks.
  5. Yeah. You're so fat. Idiot. Sucker. Owned.
  6. ur prolly right just like not all muslims avoid zina and eating non zabiha meat and shaking hands with the opposite gender its the same everywhere
  7. i just said it wasnt goo look up fafsa on google free app for student aid or something
  8. most schools, if theyre gving u a GRANT (not a loan)...well ya duh or work-study GRANTS loans...if u fill out the fafsa, check the box where it says "i dont want interest bearing loans" et voila
  9. u can get grants n say u want non-interest loans
  10. This thread just became ajeeb. And both our Arab and Desi brethren understand what that means... TIME FOR A FRUIT RECIPE! I was cooking dinner and had to take care of my baby brother so I gave him a banana, kiwi, and a masher to keep him busy. He mushed it. Then I gave him some hand squeezed orange juice. He poured it and mixed it around. Then I was like, jokingly, you have to taste it... And he tried it and was like MMM! So I was like huh. And it WAS MMM. So then I decided to put kiwi slices and orange rind all over the surface and put it in the fridge - it was such a great dessert! Yay for my lil bro.
  11. Someone teach me I wanna be able to speak fus7a like its my mother tongue
  12. You're practically dancing...the hobo was about to make me fall asleep...vhat is this! But the site looks nice.
  13. Ya. So tell me about your position...before keekee's post...
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