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  1. Oui Madamoiselle, Ca va?

  2. Hmmm... this formula sounds useful. I am lactose intolerant.

  3. My Interpretation is that it applies to Shahadat.

  4. I mean what is "the formula" ?

  5. okay. so what does the avvie mean?

  6. Well my finger mounted ink launcher is with you. Vive La Resistance!

  7. I hear Examistan has been taken over in an Illegal Coup by a dictatorial Teacher, I hear he does not allow anyone to buy pens and pencils. I hear that he has suspended the countries constitution any news on that? :P

  8. r u and coer one and the same person?confuzionnnnnn

  9. just wanted to give all my salams and love to u habibty

    hope u have a lovly summer holiday

    ma3salama habibty

  10. darn, how long now since we last spoke? :|

  11. I think it's the same meaning isn't it?

  12. i too apologize if i did anything, honestly i was just being light hearted and i didnt mean much of what i said...but you cant really sense those elements over the internet. wasalam =)

  13. apologies abt yest night, sis.. i was frustrated at somethin else so became abit confusin.

    ... all is GREAT, alhamdolillah :)