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  1. Ramadan Mubarak! Hooray!

  2. forget the third car. i'm on the fourth now.. sorry had to one up you ahmed.. You guys in uk get awesome deisels fun tuning options too
  3. agreed man.. i'll be working weekends in gta soon.. we'll meet up then.. I PROMISE
  4. only if you man up and get an 8oz. yeah i said it .
  5. HAr har har.... true mm dedication would mean that you would be booking your flight for this thing so you can make it.. that would be like baller status right there... AND.. i've been working on catching my squirrel/rabbit.. tricky buggers don't want to be caught. oxy.. weekends might be sour for me... i work till late every weekend (6-7ish). weekdays are free tho. in a couple of weekends i'll be working in the gta so then might work..
  6. i wish i could facebook like this
  7. Come on people, send in your nominations! And PLEASE at least try to nominate one person of EACH GENDER for EVERY category, to ensure a larger chance of victory for all participants. Deadline May 15th, Sunday midnight.


  8. oh, i think i deleted the convo by mistake. that's cool you are out that way eh. go to UOW or Laurier? and do you come to btown often?

  9. i dunno what happened to our convo but i can't find it..... anywho.. btown is alright, but i'm a lil west of you in waterloo. i'm in the city enough tho. :)

  10. wasalaam.. yeah we be super chill here. we like it like ddat.
  11. Waterloo man.. we are hooking up.. done deal. jsut gotta find time now.
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