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  1. lol I just saw the dance pe chance bit.

  2. Never forget you - Lupe Fiasco ft John Legend
  3. Lupin. I was suspended for 1 week, cuz I asked a mod to ban me, bu uh...I suck at taking a break. Unban ne please!


  4. This dude really wants to read some poetry... Write something people.
  5. Yeah, there is something wrong with it. Cholera can be transmitted through flies, because they contaminate food.
  6. You're going camping?

  7. It was mostly crappy, you made a good decision by not coming.

    We had to stand in line for a long time for the rides because there were lots of people, and what made it almost intolerable was that it was blistering hot outside.

    Apart from the zip line, the rides were more catered to really small kids - there wasn't much things for older kids such as ourselves to do.

  8. Yeah I should have used nafs instead of ego. Thanks rammy. I don't mean ego as in self confidence, but as the part of us that are attracted to base desires like fame, status, lust, revenge etc. I'm thinking it can be good, because without it we would let ourselves go. We wouldn't take care of our body by eating properly, and taking pride in our appearance. It impels us to work hard, and achieve goals. But what is the ideal state of the nafs for a Muslim?
  9. Take me to that old familiar place. Take me to memories we won't erase. Take me to all that we had. Good and the bad. I'll never forget you.

  10. If you wanna train yourself to control your tongue, there are better ways to do it....
  11. This is what I struggle with. I don't know how much of my nafs to give up. I could give it all up, and try my best to completely follow the law of Allah, and make my likes what Allah likes, and hate what Allah hates, without any interference from MY SELF. I always thought that was the ideal - to become the qur'an and sunnah personified. But should I kill the desires that my ego craves for, would that leave my unfulfilled? I know with Allah, there is complete and true satisfaction and tranquility. However, we are social animals and to be fulfilled and happy, we need a social life, and human interaction. But giving up the ego, to me, puts a dent in my ability to relate to people. Like I don't care about loads of things that seem to mean alot to other folks, so we have little to talk about. Can the ego be good, and aid you in your closeness to Allah? Or is the ego's stunting/death the ideal to get closer to Allah?
  12. faced my fear of heights, and although actually jumping off the plank was a blur, the rest was a blast. Alhamdullilah!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Shaniqua


      The nerve wracking part was right before the jump. Adrenaline has become my drug. I love testing my limits :)

    3. Enigma


      Same here! I do love a good rush. Went on some roller coasters today, ahh the adrenaline was awesome. :)

    4. Shaniqua


      Yay! We're evil kenivel - muslim sisters version. It did cross my mind that if I did die, it would be a darn shame, cause it's kinda pointless.

  13. Is asserting ones individuality a mere need to fulfill the urge of the ego to be recognized/praised/stand out?
  14. what do muslims do for Memorial Day in the US?

    1. Mufasa


      What does anyone do for Memorial Day in the US? ...maybe shopping.

    2. Mo-


      make du'a for Muslim victims of American wars?

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