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  1. i think if u fall into the addiction trap u become depressed. and it works the other way too, if ur depressed u might be prone to falling into the addiction trap. (my claims are not based on any evidence i am aware of. they'r just thoughts)
  2. Beenie

    MMer's Say the Darndest things...

    hahaha that quote is so coool!!
  3. Beenie

    New Maniac!

    Hey sis welcome to the maniac club!!
  4. it was a really interesting movie, I liked how they didnt sugarcoat the truth, they had the issue of Muslims being detained and tortured which really hit close to home for me. It was extremely sad but they did a really great job and touching on many of the issues Muslims face.

  5. omg. what did u think of that movie. its got issues like muslim-hindu marriage. but its also intersting

  6. what's paune again? quater past or quater to? something i never remembered

  7. Beenie

    so why is maniac muslim called maniac muslim

    found this while googling maniac muslim. http://maniacmuslim.com/2005/01/01/history/
  8. Beenie

    so why is maniac muslim called maniac muslim

    lol. u guys are so funny (since i havent been here long, i'll explain that by guys i mean 'guys and girls')
  9. Beenie


    rabbit trap? and terracotta army legion?
  10. Beenie


    thanks sister who. that book is wonderful and so is all ur othr advise. i deleted my other post. i thought it may have been ... confusing.
  11. so, why is maniac muslim called that?
  12. Beenie


    lool! yes, i find it difficult to express myself in urdu too. it, um, seems a little foreign. too many parts of my have to be inolved for me to come up with a proper sentence. art! any art! yup! from songs to paintings! im into painting more though. abstract and all! poetry too! photography! guyanamuslim66, love ur profile pic!! oxy.moron, love ur message : I love humanity but I hate people.
  13. Beenie


    Salaam! I am from Sydney - ur downunder friend! in a nutshell: I love islam, engineering and art!! low on arabic vocabulary (grammar's not too bad al7amduLillah) - and urdu and english are my other languages I love outdoors and nature
  14. BEE-NIE! I'm with Keena on this one.

  15. Hello! Welcome to MM. Why don't you make an Intro thread so we can get to know you a little? :)