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  1. Marietje

    MM Awards 2024

    Lol, they were never revealed.
  2. Marietje

    MM Awards 2024

    Who remembers this?
  3. I wait on the ''Husband responsibilities to his wife in Islam'' post.
  4. Haku, superman needs a Physics tutor or he'll fail his degree and he's afraid to ask you to help him out a little

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Marietje


      He was thinking more like, one on one Skype sessions.

    3. Haku


      there is tutor.com for that

  5. This brings to mind one of my favourite scenes in Sherlock. [flash=]

  7. Aleykum Salaam. Welcome to MM. :] I hope you have an awesome and beneficial stay!
  8. Marietje

    Adonia here

    'Aleykum Salaam, Adonia! I hope you have an awesome stay here. Welcome. :] A shame about the posting cap, I didn't even know that was in place. Ha.
  9. Marietje


    Hey, there! Welcome to MM. I hope you have a pleasant stay here.
  10. Aleykum Salaam, habibti! Glad to see you're posting on here, again! Alhamdulillah, good to hear the letters were of help! It was a pleasure sending them to you.
  11. It's a short poem; typically, use of 3 lines of up to 17 syllables,
  12. Salaamu Aleykum. Welcome. Nasilsin? I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  13. Marietje

    S4 launch

    When I had a roadshow on the Lumia 920, I was pretty certain that was the handset I'd go for! Then we were taught about the Xperia Z. Now I'm undecided. I might just have to toss a coin.
  14. Marietje

    S4 launch

    I want the Xperia Z! But you're making me think twice now. It was either that or the Lumia 920. :/
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