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  1. m2ab

    Salam. السلام عليكم


    Ramadan Mubarak !مبارك عليكم الشهر

  2. this is incredible great reminder, jazakAllah khair i pray that all highschoolers get a whopping above 90% on their exams iA -Ahmad
  3. JazakAllah bro, will brainstorm for more ideas iA I'm not a graphic designer, although I have done designing for companies here and there mA
  4. JazakAllah guys! will make more in my spare time inshAllah
  5. Check. You finally joined eh? I'm a little busy with midterms these days so you won't see me around here for a couple weeks.

    Also, first comment. Awesome.

  6. btw, this is Ahmad from MIST

  7. Salams bro, this forum is incredible, man.. everything a young Muslim needs haha

    (if this was not hamzah moin, then this is pretty awkward...forget what i said lol)

  8. Salam, check out some of my lame stuff under the funny bone section, or click here: http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23584-funny-marketing-initiatives/

    1. GuerillaRadio


      Neat thread, mine brother. There aren't too many cats around right now, so it might be slow.

  9. I was inspired to make this logo because it was so freaking hot today. It was so warm that I felt like I was back in Pakistan. I live in Canada by the way. Too add to all that I was craving roohafza more than ever, and I kept bumping into red stuff, which didnt help my situation... This next logo I've created was inspired by basically camels. I realize that nowadays there are all these cool mailing options. In todays world we can mail stuff through air planes, boats, or trucks. Most of these companies promise '99% security' that your mail will be delivered at the right place and right time, but are they? Are we forgetting the old prophetic way of mail? How about we give the good ol' camels a try, and cutt these new bid'ah ways of mailing... I was kidding about the bid'ah Well it took me sometime to come up with the next logo, I hope you like it. I got inspired to make this one during maghrib time as I was thinking about all the tall buildings that are being constructed today. How tall skyscrapers is the new 'thing' the rich are competing after. And I realized that Muslims really don't have a construction company. In my oppinion if we owned a constuction company, this is how the logo/slogan might be like: More stuff is up and coming, please post any funny Islamic pictures and other cool stuff. I'm searching for funny Islamic pictures for something... P.S Please give me feedback if its funny or not (b/c if its not, im taking it off lol) and feel free to save my stuff (please dont copyright by cropping out my name in the end) JazakAllah
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