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  1. OMG BILKIS JUNIOR! Masha'allah! <3 Congratultions to Umm & Abu Sephora - mogambo
  2. does anyone have hunger games on pdf/epub?

  3. Can you browse any sites on a kindle?

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      Buy me one and I'll let you know :)

    2. cherry*tomato
  4. muslimah#1

    bring it 0n fam

    whatever tutti boy. -stillcantthinkofaname
  5. If no one minds, i'd like to forward the details for this to some people who helped me raise money for the orphan sponsorship about 6 weeks ago. Inshallah they will be able to help again. They are all students but Allah helps those who help other with sincere intentions, so inshallah they all have some more to donate again. And Alhumdulilah so much has already been raised, and inshallah even more will be raised soon.
  6. MATLAB is a software so please only make desi jokes after links to tutorial
  7. May Allah swt forgive his sins, unite him with his wife, and grant him a high place in jannah. May Allah also grant his family and friends sabr to deal with the loss - Ameen I never knew the brother but from what everyone's been posting, he really must have been a great guy to have had such an effect on so many people over a short period of time.
  8. Mashallah, beautiful poem and well written. Jazak Allah khair for sharing
  9. as salam alaikum, Has anyone used pivot tables in excel to sort data? If so, do you know any good tutorials. Same question for matlab - if anyone knows any good tutorials for programming. Jazak Allah Khair
  10. May Allah grant our brother shifa, and his family and friends the sabr and strength to deal with this. Ameen
  11. Fufu-Xiawoun is my most favourite sister in the whole wide world, I'm a smelly stinky poo-poo girl, mum should love Fufu the most! FUFU KI JAY HO! LONG LIVE FUFU

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      Okay fufu. Nice self promotion.

  12. Does anyone know any good free software for burning video dvd's? Preferably those that burn any video file format (avi. wmv. etc) and not have to convert to VIDEO_TS files please? Jazak Allah Khair
  13. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind." [bukhari]

  14. And be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good. 11:115

    1. Mowgli




      They'll be mine soon enough though :D

  15. I think it's human nature to categorize and judge (positively/negatively) most things and other people. But everyone is different so whilst some may have similar attributes, i personally don't think they should be categorised as a 'nerd' or 'jock' etc. Maybe calling them such, only forces them to become more like their label, and make them feel less comfortable to show attributes outside their label. Therefore only enforcing the stereotype more. Besides the definitions of these cliques or the attributes defined by them, change with time, place and more importantly fashion. Like it's fashionable now to wear big black glasses in the UK, which would have been deemed nerdy once. But to answer your question, I think at the moment society would deem someone who cares more for their education and prefers maths/sciency subjects and not be as out going, to be a nerd.
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