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  1. Usual famalam. Climbed a mountain yesterday. Twas fun, a tad painful but fun.
  2. Easily I eat loads. Ya, the wait is long but the food is kinda worth it. I ordered the 20lb which is obviously gonna take more time to cook haina.
  3. Amigos (Acton) is good, patties are huge but dont have much flavour. Love the garlic sauce. Big Moes (Whitechapel) - not all that. Over rated, over priced, small portions. Their cheesy chips were lame. Loaded (Ilford) - Decent. Beef patties were yum, chicken was too. Loved their cheesy chips. Directors Cut (Walthamstow) - standard burgers, nowt special. Brioche Burger (Green Street) - overrated. Dry, bland patties, fries were okay.
  4. I wash everything after wearing it once. Recently started wearing blazers/jackets more than once before washing them.
  5. Breakfast makes me bloated so I skip it. I'm gonna start having porridge on gym days. Should work hopefully.
  6. I usually go in the mornings, on a empty stomach. Probably why I have zero energy to do anything at the gym. I've also cut down a lot on sugar - I'm guessing this effects energy levels too? I need energy shots.
  7. Lilmonsta - wher for art thou? I gots a question for yee.

  8. One time I was in the changing room and a girl saw me and said 'yay! another Hijabi. This means I'm not the only one'. We spoke for a few minutes then I left cos she (/her friend) were still getting ready. Half an hour later she got on to the treadmill next to mine and was really surprised that I still had my hijab on. Went somehing like this: Her: you're still wearing your hijab? Me: Yup. Her: Why? doesn't it get in the way? Me: Nope. Her: Oh well, I'm not wearing mine. Me: Yup. I see that. Her: So..? Me: Hmm? Her: Thought you were gonna judge me. Me: Nope. Weird. I found it quite funny. I find it odd that people take off their hijabs to exercise. Not judging them or anything but I don't see the point. Unless you're doing some sorta head-jumpy-sorta exercise, I don't see how it would get in the way. And it would be kinda cold without it. Anyhoo. I'm going back to the gym tomorrow. Weeks of coursework induced comfort eating has messed me up.
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