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  1. Pow

    Last film you watched?

    Your brain must be really puny then Captain America 2 was sick!! Next raid 2 on the 11th
  2. His corruption had successfully changed his fate

    1. Sal_the_man


      So when the devil asks to dance with you, you better say never, Because the dance with the devil might last your forever

  3. Pow

    My New Motorcycle! Alhamdulillah

    Doggy style!
  4. Pow

    What are you worth?

    8. Not only will her dad give you 8 goats, he'll throw in her sister too!
  5. Would you do it? Or have you already married your cousin *cough* Fufu
  6. After the long holiday I forgot how to do this So my coursework part of the module is made up 50% which I need to pass. It's not included in the other 50% which is the main exam online law test is worth 25% and I got 72% in it. What do I need to get in the last 25% to pass the coursework? Jazak'Allah for your help.
  7. Pow

    Leaving party on skype

    ^You're a *snip*.
  8. Sky and I are leaving mm Please join us on Skype for the last time There will be cake Everyone bring gifts for us No boxed gifts If you're not already on Skype. Download it and add me: mr.pow21 and I'll add you to the group Also no Keena's allowed