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  1. An Islamic app developed by ‘QuranReading’ academy designed for providing home based Quranic solutions or cure to various diseases or disorders. The app is easy to use sports various great features which are discussed below: Download Quran Therapy to Cure Diseases For Android Features -Body parts After the splash screen of the app, you are welcomed by a screen which displays the various body parts or joints which are most prone to diseases and ailments. These body parts/joints are displayed in the form of squares across the screen. -Diseases Tapping on any of the buttons will display you a list of the diseases or disorders pertaining to that body part. Tap any one of them and you’ll be taken to a screen containing three tabs. -The three tabs The three tabs are ‘symptoms’, ‘dhikr’ and ‘cure’. The first one tells you of the symptoms of that disorder, ‘dhikr’ tells you of the verses of Quran that one should recite while suffering such disease while the ‘cure’ tab tells the homemade remedies to them. By reciting the verses in ‘dhikr’, you will achieve sawab and blessing of Allah for remembering Him in such hard times. -Ayat-e-shifa and references Swipe to the right and you’ll see buton by this name. This will contain six ayahs (verses) from the Quran which serve as supplications to Allah in such hard times. There is also a reference tab which informs you of the sources of the verses and quotes used in this app. Download and install this beneficial Islamic app to cure yourself from disorders using easy and convenient Islamic methods.
  2. The holy Quran e Kareem contains a total of 14 Sfurahs. Every Surah has its own importance, however, Surah Rahman has its own advantages. In this Surah, Allah describes the different blessings on humankind and Jinns. It is an interesting Surah and it is important to learn its translation. Taking into consideration the importance of this Surah, Quran Reading Academy has developed a mobile application which is named as Surah Rahman Download Surah Rahman with Audio – Android Download Surah Rahman with Audio – iPhone The Surah Rahman App has the following advantages; - FREE for Everyone – Muslims and Non-Muslims of any age may get benefit from this application. This app may also be used to learn Arabic for any purpose (studying, working, visiting or just for fun). This is completely FREE for everyone. - Changing the App – The features of this application like colors and styles of the app may be changed. There are many options of turning on and turning off the translation and transliteration. You may also change this application based on your preferences and interest. - Share it and Get Blessings of Allah – The option of sharing this application with other people is available in this application. The more you share it, the more you will be able to get blessings and rewards from Allah. As more and more people will get benefit from this Surah. You may do so with the help of social media networking websites and direct mediums like messages and Wi-Fi. - Help on the Use – For people who don’t know how to get the benefits of this Surah, there is a section with detailed information on the use of this application. You may obtain this information by going to this section.
  3. Sahih Muslim is Hadith app Which provide complete detail of Hadith of sahih Muslim book.Sahih Muslim contain complete books .Sahih Muslim is second most authentic hadith book.Sahih Muslim is compiled by Imam Muslim . Sahih Muslim App provide easy interface so that you can learn hadith any time.you can also consult any hadith if you have any confusion in your mind.just download and learn: Download Sahih Muslim for Android | Download Sahih Muslim for iOS Feature: Authentic Hadith: Authentic source of Hadith you can use them for verifying any Hadith.Follow the guide line of Holly prophet on different matter of Life. Daily Reminder: Daily hadith reminder allows to learn daily something new from Hadith.you can enable and diable this feature. Catagories: Sahih Muslim app is divided into 57 chapters which are catagories into chapter according to the specific topic. Bookmarking: While reading any Hadith you can set favorite .so that you can use them for future reference. Bookmarking feature allows all your favorite Hadith at one place. Social media: Sharing feature allows you to share any hadith with your social media friends . Search: You can search any hadith in app,Search feature allows you to search through word or reference. Theme Setting: You can customize theme by changing font color ,size and background .
  4. Learning a new language or learning how to read a new language is a great and interesting project. Learning Arabic language or learning how to read Quran is not only interesting but it is beneficial also as there are rewards for learning it. Many of the rewards are eternal means that you will get rewards in the eternal life when you die, you will get the rewards for what you have read or learnt. In order to help those who want to learn the rules of Arabic language and finally to be able to read the Quran Pak, an application named as Noorani Qaida has been developed. Download Qaida for Kids to Learn Arabic Rules (Android) Download Qaida for Kids to Learn Arabic Rules (iPhone) This app includes following benefits:- 1) Simplicity It has been made so simple and easy to use that no matter who can use it without trouble. The combination of the colors and the graphics colors are so high quality that it is not difficult for anyone to read and learn including kids and teens. 2) Easy Navigation There are many buttons at the bottom of each and every page. These buttons helps us move backward and forward in-between the application pages. The material has been divided in different pages which makes it easy to divide the learning. 3) Sound File:- Each and every PIC comes with a sound attached with it. There are icon buttons which helps us play the sounds which indicates alphabets, phrase and sentences. There is a Play button also that helps us play the phrase. 4) Final Mission Helps you read any verses you want:- If you are able to complete all of the 17 chapters, you will be in a position to read any verses you want and your level of understanding will increase up to such a level.
  5. There are so many Islamic apps available in the Google play store one of these is 5 surah contains Surah Mulk, Surah Waqiya, Surah kahf, Surah Ar-Rehman and Surah Yaseen. The developers combine 5 most read surahs in an android app. Following are the features of 5 surah app. Features of five surah Translation Translation plays a vital role in understanding Quran if your mother language is not Arabic. Keeping that view in mind, the developers of 5 surah added English Translation of all 5 surah. Transliteration To read every word of Quran accurately and properly transliteration helps you a lot. You can find the English transliteration of these five surahs in this app. Recitation We are all well aware of the rewards that we can earn by just listening to the recitation of Quran. This app provides you opportunity as it includes recitation in the voice of two different reciters of Quran; Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy and Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais. Search option There is also a very useful search option included in this app. You can go to any ayah by entering it’s a number and this feature can be used to start reading where you left.
  6. Sahih Bukhari, the app that contains complete Hadith collection of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) collected by Imam Bukhari (R.A). The app provides you the ease of searching hadith by just adding a word or a reference. Sahih Bukhari Book provides you “Hadith of the Day” feature which generates hadith for you daily and teaches you something new every day. The app has ability save your favorite hadith and make a list for you to review and share it later. Sahih Bukhari in English has beautiful graphics and very easy to use for every age of person. To download this beautiful application links are given below: Download Sahih Bukhari Shareef for Android | Download Sahih Bukhari Shareef for iOS Following are the main features of the application: Complete series of Sahih Bukhari book is added. Searching is made very easy for its user. User can add hadith to the list of favorites to review and hare them later. The person can share hadith to his/her social accounts like facebook and twitter etc. Instruction button in the app is given which guides about how to use the app. Settings section provides facility of text customization and theme selection. You may share this application with others via email.
  7. Recitation of Holy Quran with proper pronunciation is full of blessings. Without proper pronunciation recitation of Quran is of no use. To make Tajweed Holy Quran learning easy for Muslims all around the globe Tajweed Al Quran app is playing an important role in this regard. Benefits: Now user is able to learn at time and location of his choice without tutor. Much beneficial for beginners, new Muslims and also for those who are trying to remove their mistakes Quranic Surahs pronunciation. A way to gain blessings of GOD. Basics of Tajweed Al Quran App For Android Basics of Tajweed Al Quran App For IOS Features: Fundamentals of Tajweed: Tajweed basics are given at first page in this app to give user an overview of what Tajweed is? Tajweed Rules with Examples: Detailed elaboration of Tajweed rules like how long to stop at stopping signs, how to pronounce letters from tip of tongue etc make Quran learning with correct pronunciation very easy. Tajweed Audio: Tajweed rules textual description with audio pronunciation adds more quality of this app. Eye Appealing Graphics: Eye catching graphics of this app helps in sustaining interest of user in Tajweed learning. Conclusion: This android application is best platform of Tajweed learning. Now it is upon you how you utilize it in learning Holy Quran with Tajweed.
  8. Before the advent of Islam women were treated like animals. Islam gives women their rights. In a Muslim family all family members have their equal rights. Parents are responsible to assure balance between their children. Daughters are one of the blessings of ALLAH (SWT). Following are some important tips to develop a good parents-daughter relationship in home. Source: http://onlinequranrecitation.weebly.com/blog/how-can-a-muslim-daughter-develop-a-healthy-relationship-with-parents
  9. Islam teaches us manners and etiquettes to survive in society. Islam is a complete code of guidance. Islam persuades its believers to communicate each other with polite manners and stay soft. Especially when dealing with kids. Kids learn things quickly. Teaching them manners in their early age will give long lasting results and will help in grooming their feature. In a Hadith Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that: “Whoever had something nice done for him and then says to his companion, ‘Jazak Allahu Khayran’, then he has surely excelled in praising (him).” (Tirmidhi) Allah Apostle said in another Hadith that: “The supplication of a Muslim man for his brother in his absence is accepted. Every time he prays for good things for his brother, an angel near his head, the one assigned to him says: Ameen and to you likewise.” (Muslim) Source: The Importance Of Jazak Allah and Ameen
  10. If there is one thing that all the believing people in this world do at the time of hardship it is praying. Everyone of us whenever in infliction of any kind turns towards the higher power and prays to him so that he might help and take us out of the affliction and we may prosper again. In Islam, this prayer to Allah Almighty is known as ‘dua’. Islam encourages Muslims to pray to Allah Almighty, and this prayer should not be only limited to the hard times only, rather a Muslim must also make dua to Allah Almighty and thank Him for whatever blessings He has bestowed. The lines below discuss the concept of Dua in Islam. The first thing pertaining to dua that a Muslim needs to know is the belief with which dua must be made. Allah Almighty is the Great and the Creator; therefore, no one can force Him in doing something which He does not will to do. Hence because of such greatness some of the Muslims think that in their dua, they should leave the matter to Allah that if He wills it to be done and if He does not then He wont accept the prayer. Regarding this, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in one of His hadiths: “When one of you supplicates, he should not say, ‘O God, forgive me if You will,’ but be firm in asking and make the desire great, for what God gives is nothing great for Him.” (Muslim) From this hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it is clear that when supplicating a Muslim must have good belief in Allah Almighty and should expect from Him that He will listen to the supplication and provide assistance of help of any kind that the supplicant wants. Therefore, one must supplicate in good faith. The second thing a Muslim needs to remember pertaining to supplication or making of dua is that one must remain hopeful about the supplication and be patient even if it takes the dua sometime to be answered. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in this regard: “The supplication of every one of you will be granted if he does not get impatient and say, ‘I supplicated my Lord but my prayer has not been granted.’” (Muslim) Hence, for a Muslim it is imperative that he remains hopeful and patient. This being impatient about the fulfillment of dua means that a Muslim does not trust Allah and thinks that He cannot fulfill the supplication. Therefore, to avoid such a faith a Muslim needs to be patient and understand that Allah knows better and sooner or later He will answer the supplication when the time is right. Another thing pertaining to the Islamic concept of dua is the fact that Islam encourages its followers to pray for other Muslims as well. Prophet (PBUH) said in a hadith: “The dua of a Muslim for his brother in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says, Ameen. And may you also be blessed with the same.” (Muslim) In short, dua shows the submissiveness of a Muslim to the authority of Allah Almighty and a Muslim must make supplication in good faith, be patient and whenever possible make supplication for other Muslim brothers and sisters. Hijab al Faisal works at QuranReading.com where the service of Quran learning live for kids is available so that the children could understand and learn Islam. Find more about us Visit https://www.facebook.com/quranreading
  11. A Proper Wadu Is Very Important For Our Prayers To Be Accepted. If you have any kind of doubt related to Ablution then use our app "WUDU" for guideness. Download it at : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/step-by-step-wudu/id597319274?mt=8
  12. Read articles on the importance of Zakat Answers questions like who pays Zakat, Nisab and the factors on which the Zakat is payable on. - See more at: http://www.pakzap.com/forum/warid-mobile-apps-now-include-zakat-calculator.html#sthash.XkFr1FzB.dpuf
  13. This App is special gift to Muslims on this Holy month of Ramadan.You can listen and watch the beautiful Ramadan Duas in Arabic andEnglish Translation. Here is Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyberdesignz.ramadanduas
  14. Ramadan is the month of Quran that is perfect Guidance and knowledge for whole humanity and it is also the month of sacrifices, patience, discipline and generosity. All Muslims must obey this month and must do all good things that could please Allah. The most important is the prays/ Duas that must be continue during the Ramadan with relevancy of Different Ashra's. As this is for second Ashra: http://www.quranreading.com/blog/ramadan/three-ashra%E2%80%99s-of-ramadan-and-their-duas/
  15. One of the major questions asked by most of the Muslims residing in West is that, shaking hands with a non-mehram woman is permissible or not? The ‘woman’ in the question includes both Muslim and Non-Muslim women. Though the Eastern countries provide far less places and chances, where non-mehram men and woman can shake hands with each other, on contrary survival is not possible without doing so in the western world. Moreover, shaking hands with a non-mehram woman is regarded as a sin in Islam. Find more about us Visit https://www.facebook.com/quranreading
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