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  1. Does it count as being friend zoned if the person you liked was in a relationship the whole time and hid it from you?
  2. What happened to freedom of speech?!?

  3. fuaaa! haha nah, it's pretty awesome - at least i get paid! break any bones lately or staying safe? lol poor kid... spring semester eh

  4. <3 MIRIN HARDDDD! Working out, work, working on life, the usual... what's good in yo' hood?

    1. M-C



      That sounds like a busy schedule... im just going to school at the moment which is all good.

  5. No. Gonna disregard all the ladies.

  6. u mad bro? douevenmisc?

  7. Aware Crew. Aesthetics Crew. Forever Mirin' Crew. Check in now, brahs.

    1. Mowgli


      Do you even lift brah?

  8. disregard females, acquire aesthetics.

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    2. Adonia


      Disregard males. And this status ;)

    3. Dee


      what is this gym slang??

    4. The One

      The One

      lol the hell, ladies. M-C, muzlim muzza crew checkin' in.

  9. the hospital is my gym! too broke to afford gym membership this month. so just been running and getting chin-ups/pull-ups in. correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like CrossFit?
  10. I knew a guy whose family rejected me because I wasn't the same ethnicity. End of story.
  11. I once went to a Qawali night with my mother and her friends when I was 19. The part I liked best was the Punjabi food. Masha Allah. Now I know why they are so jolly and fat. "Beevi Meri... aur thoda (10-20 pieces) dhokla lo na..." To be honest, it was too long. Two hours, and I got up for "a brief walk" every fifteen minutes. I did not know Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi at the time, so it was quite boring. Ironically, it was a bunch of non-Muslims who set up and organized the thing. The Qawali singers alone were Muslim. So like, there were one hundred people there, and five of us were Muslim. Yeah, so the non-Muslims were raving about the melody and the inner deep meanings of the Qawalis and how profound they were and stuff. I understand the languages now, and finally understand like 2% of the prose now. Quite nice things, indeed. Especially analogies to people being birds and how they're caged, and long for freedom. That freedom is with Allah, and once He enlightens our hearts we feel like flying... etc etc etc.
  12. LOL well I did fall for it when my friend sent me the first link. Thought it'd be fun to share. And you're right, r-z... Pop culture, and being misinformed, when we have Google and Wikipedia and tons of research material at our fingertips.
  13. http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/dhmo.htm -- http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html
  14. If I wasn't me, I'd totally beat you up. You're right, a friend and I made predictions, I said Maldonado was looking great from the start, pretty much. My friend was banking on Button, however. I like how Maldonado wrestled his way back to the top after Alonso took pole part way. Another sportscaster friend mentioned this has to be one of the most interesting/exciting years in F1 in a while, and I agree!
  15. Epic race... Totally on the edge of your seat action from the word go... I wonder if being at pole in the grid led to Maldonado's AMAZING WIN... Or is he just exceptionally talented?
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