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  1. Just keep swimming... Just keep swimming...

  2. BlackPurple

    "Ramadan's coming, and I want to work on..."

    I need to remind myself that ramadhan isn't merely about fasting & breaking fast. If possible, I'd wanna donate whatever I could for the less fortunate constantly even after ramadhan. Then, taraweeh. Tbh, sometimes I'd be really lazy and skip taraweeh. That should stop. And last but not least, I need to stop stuffing myself during iftaar. Really important. :/
  3. BlackPurple

    "Ramadan's coming, and I want to work on..."

    How about now? Slowly but steadily...
  4. Just got back from umrah. Silly me for not informing my fellow beloved MMer's beforehand. But I've remembered you guys in my dua. May Allah swt accept our deeds & grant everyone many opportunities to perform umrah & hajj. Ameen.

  5. It's been so long... that I haven't seen your face... Btw, is it a good idea to immigrate to teh USA? Not sure which states though...

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    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Cherry, you come and see us some time. You'll have fun despite yourself

    3. cherry*tomato


      Abdul Rahman I might just do that, I hear Texas is nice ;)

    4. BlackPurple


      MashaAllah. Thank you for the replies. Just a friend of my dad keeps saying to move there and he's thinking about it. But meh. I just love Malaysia too much. <3

  6. hello. hows everyone. i miss you guys so much. so, whos married?

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    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      nah, i was owen. i remember you. thengs are just a bit slow but i predict an increase in posting soon LOL. it did sound sad. sorry. but its not. your MO adopted kid, right?


    3. Haku


      did you really missed us? really?

    4. Mo-


      wb my child :D

  7. Wow! It's been so long... So how's everyone? What's new?

    1. Summer.Haze


      I've been well, how are you?

  8. Assalamualaikum warahamtullahi wabarakatuh. I hope everyone is doing great. Things are pretty bad over here. With the disappearance of MH370, nothing is normal here, at least for me. SubhanaAllah, I can't see the families going through mental torture. It's been 8 days now. Recent news shows that plane might have been hijacked. Please please please make dua for the passengers, crews for their safe return to Malaysia. May Allah swt reward for all your effort and keep us all safe. Ameen....

    1. BlackPurple


      Thank you so much guys!


    2. Hazera
    3. '_SkyWalker_'


      Wa AlaykumuSalaam. Allah return them all safely to their loved once, and plant patience and steadfastness in their hearts. Ameen.

  9. lool hey let's become friends :D