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  1. Salam. السلام عليكم


    Ramadan Mubarak !مبارك عليكم الشهر

  2. salaam, welcome to mm!

  3. As-Salāmu `Alaykum, I've would like to invite you to visit my new site called Halaltunes @ http://halaltunes.org. Free MP3 nasheeds are available to download or listen in various languages, mainly Arabic, English Urdu. Our mission is to provide alternative entertainment for the younger generation for whom it’s too easy to obtain non Islamic media. Help us spread the word. Join our facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/halaltunes and invite your friends. Poetry and songs are educational and entertaining method we can use to help our children and youth to understand the teaching of Islam. I hope my site will help inspire others to seek out creative ways to pass on Islamic knowledge to our younger generation. I'm unable to reply to comments here. So if you have any comments please email me: maniacmuslim+contact@halaltunes.org Thank You for your support. Remember me in your Dua's. http://halaltunes.org/ | http://blog.halaltunes.org/ | http://www.facebook.com/halaltunes | http://twitter.com/halaltunes
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