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  1. Eternalbreeze

    What's happened in the last 3 years?

    Shaver should be a mod. Here was here since I was a kid with multiple accounts.
  2. Eternalbreeze

    What's happened in the last 3 years?

    I can't speak for the regulars, but I've noticed. 1/ not that many new members 2/ Spud hasn't been here to annoy or surprise people with his mathematical knowledge 3/ some regulars have left due to studies, or abstaining from the internet space 4/ EB is starting to post more and go in the right direction with my life (I hope!) And in general, I'm still the same just a little more thoughtful. I've stopped making threads about my imaginary bunny rabbit friend, trying to resist the temptation of erasing my posts because my thoughts and everything keep changing. Though I still feel the same. Just a tad older.
  3. Eternalbreeze

    YouTube: Funny Videos

    Love this kid.
  4. Eternalbreeze

    Currently Reading.

    Hackers on steroids Girl in a box LSD and me Understanding psychology of love
  5. Eternalbreeze

    Flying, love it or hate it babe

    Indoor sky diving looks really good. Flying on a helicopter with noise would annoy me. I prefer peace and quiet vs loud noises.
  6. Eternalbreeze

    This is the Apocalypse. And I am Mufasa.

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhh!!! *screams and runs away*
  7. I am a mere individual, with intense feelings more than ideas ~ Tolkien

  8. Being nice doesn't mean anything.

    1. Haku


      It at least means some one was nice.

    2. M-C


      Yea, it at least means some one wasn't mean.

  9. Haku (anime) similar personality type to mine.

    1. Haku


      Haku in which anime?

  10. Too weird for the cool kids. Too cool for the weird kids. 4eva alone. XD

  11. Eternalbreeze

    Currently Eating...

    Pancakes. I had an Oreo and milk phase too
  12. So serious all the time.

  13. We're burning up. We might as well...

  14. "I cannot take your whispering. I wanna dance without you."