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  1. Islamic Revolution(or Republic) of Iran, but many prefer "revolution" since the Revolution continues.
  2. What evidence exists to support the notion that Imam Mahdi has already arrived and is currently in occultation? If you are capable of bringing forth evidence that Imam Mahdi, as he exists in Ithna Ashariyya (already arrived/occultation), then may I ask if it is possible to communicate with him in his present state? When the concept of 'adl (justice) in Ithna Ashariyya is spoken of, is it merely the idea of justice with which we strive for? The philosophically "perfect" concept of justice that is, in actuality, unobtainable? Or do the followers of Ithna Ashariyya believe that Imam Mahdi will deliver justice perfectly? If so, how much of that involves violence and are you able to articulate how the world would be changed in its present form if Imam Mahdi were to come out of occultation today? How important is IRI to the deliverance of Imam Mahdi? Are the followers of Ithna Ashariyya the only legitimate Shi'a? If not, were those that established the Fatimid Caliphate legitimate Shi'a? Thank you.
  3. They have Ivy Leagues outside of the US?
  4. Islam and the Destiny of Man, Gai Eaton
  5. That's the whole point of it, duh! How else will you get the value out of it over a cup of chai?
  6. 8th grade? mA. Post something up in the introductions place. ...unless you're a sophisticated troll.
  7. Not enough to be an enlightened, liberated, and free "Muslimah" apparently.
  8. Can't wait to see half the girls on here get married and then speak.
  9. This is an interesting read that kind've pertains to what you're talking about: http://www.amazon.com/Definitive-Encounters-Islam-Muslims-West/dp/0973874473 I have to run but I'll edit this post later and give you a better response. (placeholder)
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