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  1. Friends in Canada, I'm actually planning a trip to your beautiful neck of the woods next year InshaAllah! 

  2. Maethorion

    Getting on a bit

    SubhanAllah! Still waiting for the next part!
  3. Justin Trudeau makes me want to move to Canada even more

    1. Mo-


      I like his social policies, not the economic or foreign policies too much though.

    2. Meowkat


      You've got Donald Trump here in the u.S. ;)

    3. Meowkat


      He just LOVES China!

  4. Maethorion


    I'm here once in a while
  5. Maethorion

    How should a mosque be run

    Sorry, I'm used to living in an area heavily populated with muslims and with an abundance of scholars, i agree with Mo-
  6. Maethorion

    How should a mosque be run

    It should not be run by a single person alone but it should equally not be run by a board of members who have no educated scholars amongst them. The ideal situation would be a board of 11 ulamaa
  7. Hope everyone is having a fantastic and blessed Ramadhan!

    1. Zimbabwe


      Miss you Moly! Praying Allah blesses you always!

    2. Maethorion


      Hope you and your family are doing very well this fine Ramadhan!

  8. Maethorion

    salaam :D

    Not properly, I was at uni in a nearby city
  9. Maethorion

    salaam :D

    Edinburgh is awesome!
  10. Maethorion

    salaam :D

    Walaikum salaam, Welcome to MM
  11. Hey Sheriff, where have you beeeeeeeen?! Update us on your journey in forensic science.

    1. Maethorion


      Been extremely busy with uni, forensics sucks :( haha, how are you?

  12. Maethorion


    Google+ supports RAW in the right format but there are other programs available too
  13. Maethorion


    The camera is excellent in my opinion. Depends how good you are with it