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  1. Friends in Canada, I'm actually planning a trip to your beautiful neck of the woods next year InshaAllah! 

  2. Getting on a bit

    SubhanAllah! Still waiting for the next part!
  3. Justin Trudeau makes me want to move to Canada even more

    1. Mo-


      I like his social policies, not the economic or foreign policies too much though.

    2. Meowkat


      You've got Donald Trump here in the u.S. ;)

    3. Meowkat


      He just LOVES China!


    I'm here once in a while
  5. How should a mosque be run

    Sorry, I'm used to living in an area heavily populated with muslims and with an abundance of scholars, i agree with Mo-
  6. How should a mosque be run

    It should not be run by a single person alone but it should equally not be run by a board of members who have no educated scholars amongst them. The ideal situation would be a board of 11 ulamaa
  7. Hope everyone is having a fantastic and blessed Ramadhan!

    1. Zimbabwe


      Miss you Moly! Praying Allah blesses you always!

    2. Maethorion


      Hope you and your family are doing very well this fine Ramadhan!

  8. salaam :D

    Not properly, I was at uni in a nearby city
  9. salaam :D

    Edinburgh is awesome!
  10. salaam :D

    Walaikum salaam, Welcome to MM
  11. Hey Sheriff, where have you beeeeeeeen?! Update us on your journey in forensic science.

    1. Maethorion


      Been extremely busy with uni, forensics sucks :( haha, how are you?

  12. Phones

    Google+ supports RAW in the right format but there are other programs available too
  13. Phones

    The camera is excellent in my opinion. Depends how good you are with it