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  1. this is place is not for reverts? :o but why? :(

  2. dude..leave the place at once..lot of hate around here...look at the posts above and decide..this might be my last post..salaam
  3. Assalamu aliekum man, am leaving this place has too much hate to stay anymore..was nice meeting you salaam

  4. You are just jealous of JB. Clark Ken is a joke, how stupid can people to not distinguish between Clark Kent and Superman.
  5. Jb cannot be hated. Lex Luthor is one of the all time greats. He is underrated though since they dont put him as arch enemy.
  6. Bahahahaha am so happy [':

  7. dude..no way.. this is not a Joke. She is in Comics now and prolly will be in future shows. Her name is Suraya from Afghanistan...She kills someone you never thought would be killed on the show. Not revealing anymore..lol
  8. so everyone who says Mods are the problem say "Aye"
  9. They have new Muslim Character in X-men comics though..Suraya from Afghanistan her identity is Dust/Turaab.
  10. I have toothache it is also affecting my hearing.

    1. Muawiya ibn Abusufian

      Muawiya ibn Abusufian

      ty..I will try to find black seed oil.

    2. cubster


      chew a clove

    3. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      perhaps a doctor. your hearing being affected by a toothace may mean a serious infection.

  11. He is the greatest villain there is....oh well..cant do anything now.
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