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  1. LOL...oh yeah. I don't think guns will be in the equation for a while..INSHA'ALLAH!
  2. I run to this!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBcMKwbMEcQ
  3. I love that show... I don't know if this is a good or bad thing but my son keeps saying he's Jackson when plays on toy bike
  4. I think one of the reasons why they are not viewed as oppressed because no one even knows that they are supposed to or do cover. But yeah I get what you are saying.
  5. Check It Out- Will.I.Am Feat Nicki Minaj
  6. Has/Does anyone watch Friday Night Lights? It's probably one of my favorite shows but, I dont even know if it was cancelled or not..It's never on..lol.
  7. Rahmsis


    I have yet to pick of one of the Twilight series books. I for one have no interest in vampires..especially teen-aged vampires.
  8. Rahmsis

    The Help

    Has anyone read The Help by Kathrym Stockett. I believe it's her debut novel set in Jackson Mississippi in the early 50s. It's told by the perspective of 3 characters. 2 African American house maids and one white woman. It's a very good read and beautifully written. It's an interesting look at how racially split the US, mainly the south was. Thoughts?
  9. I've read this book years ago, I actually bought a copy ( I don't normally buy books just borrow from the library) because I liked it so much. Definitely one of my favorites. Another Paulo Coelho book I really enjoyed was Veronika Decides to Die.
  10. Yeah we sure do..heeehaw!!! Thanks for the link btw
  11. Insha'allah if I were to be blessed with a girl her name would be Isra.
  12. This is a great article. I'm from BC and BC has a large Asian population and I know first hand what this article is talking about. But I also think that there is kind of a laziness that goes on with students. Who's stopping them from working harder? You can't play a race card and say, oh because I'm white, I'm just wired to party and all that stuff, and not study for my exam tomorrow. One other thing that I thought was so random and outright racist, who goes out of their way to tell some student on their graduation day, that because of you my kid didn't get into uni. WHO does that?
  13. Really, Wow, you learn something new everyday.
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