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  1. Thats so sweet of him! Imagine if you broke his back Jk have fun piggybacking or pickybacking.
  2. Soy milk is weird Raw almond milk is much better
  3. Yes its probably the most important thing. Nasty accidents. Cubster: Wow i feel like a bum, i can't believe you get up at 4! Even if its summer. 6 feels too early for me
  4. The Mindful Carnivore Interesting for all us meat eating muslims
  5. Hahaha I know its almost sacrilegious to say this buuuut
  6. Merewen: lol i love your job deets! My sis has a tutoring job and she has such stories too..kids say the funniest things! One came to the center wearing her jacket as pants (legs thru sleeves). Another one got all serious and told her "you dont have to wear that you know" (at my sister's hijab). She was like whaaaaa um ok. Another one had just heard the LOTR on tape and was calling everything my prrrrecioussssss. For getting jobs: usually your college/university will have a careers database. Thats where companies recruit from. Lots of entry level positions, with room for advancement.
  7. I dont know what marmite is. Is it like mayo? But i love you all the same! Conditionally, that is, until you prove yourself worthy of MM Edit: eewwww just googled it and it looks gross, like tar. Hows it taste? Like beer?
  8. Oooh sunbathing in february. I can't remember the last time the sky was such a bright blue. Oh wait it was yesterday hehe

  9. Lol i think the maxim us everything is haram until proven halal Vs Everyone else who is like everuthing is halal until proven haram Different mindsets
  10. Wow. That is not a haPpy workplace I quit at place i worked at, partially cuz i could forsee all kinds of drama, beginning with people gossiping about themselves and each other. And a loss of resPect for the supervisors. Cuz then morale drops and nobody wants to work properly. And so even if you're nit involved in somthing, you automatically will be involved cuz ppl will tell you things, or confide in you, and then you have stress over whether to report them, etc.
  11. Oh wow. I cant believe he laughed then! Unless u weren't acting serious
  12. I only went to the gym for pilates and yoga and karate classes. It stinks. Like literally, of sweat. SO gross. Bt seriously, i guess the machines could be intimdating but if you go at an odd time (maybe right when it opens?) you can just ask someone to show you, and by the time anyone else arrives you will be a pro! I hate machines so I prefer outdoor activities. I'm also paranoid and believe diseases spread better in gyms. I have to lift 40 lbs regularly at work which isn't exactly as controlled as lifting weights, but i can lift pretty easily now and hold doors open without even having to push hard
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