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  1. We do indeed. The Arabic word for blessing is barakah, which is regularly used in Islamic greetings, prayers and remembrance. In fact, the full Islamic greeting contains it: Salamu alaikum wa rahmat Allahi wa *barakathu* Which translates to: Peace and the mercy and blessings of Allah upon you. I hope this was of help Uncle Owen
  2. Slows down even earlier than that. Mine has started slowing down and I'm only 24. In winter people tend to gain weight though.
  3. I've gone full keto. Macros are: 65% Fats 30% Protein 5% Carbs Working out quite a bit too. Only doing this for 6-8 weeks to shed the little belly a desk job has given me.
  4. Posting here for reference! Hall of fame MM moment!
  5. Mo-

    FIFA 2018...

    Also to add: I'm only following the scores of this WC and live text feeds. I refuse to watch it live and give Putin's Russia advertisement revenue after the fact Russia unleashed a chemical weapon on Salisbury.
  6. Mo-

    FIFA 2018...

    It was intentional so that we'd have an easier knockout stage. Coming second in the group means England wouldn't have had to face Argentina, France, Brazil or Belgium until the finals. Instead we will face Sweden, then Russia/Croatia and one of the aforementioned (most likely France) in the finals.
  7. Mo-


    Can you delete the post? At best it’s unfunny, at worst it is antisemitic and anti Bengali.
  8. Stay off the drugs.
  9. Mo-

    Random Islamic Questions

    Astrology is both kufr and shirk. If you believe stars cause certain events then it is shirk. If you believe you can discern the unseen by them it is kufr.
  10. Speaker's Corner is hilarious but most of the religious debates are nonsense because the people engaging in them are pretty unknowledgeable of their own faith.
  11. Mo-

    MM Awards 2024

    I nominate Breeze for the following categories: Best Cryptographer Most Likely to Marry a FOB
  12. Thanks to transfer fees bitcoin no longer has any underlying value. As prices diminish miners will have lower incentive to keep mining new blocks due to difficulty involved, and when the cost of electricity + mining rig > profit from mining bitcoin then no transactions will get done because no new blocks will get mined. Transaction times already were a major issue prior to the frenzy and as the frenzy dies out they’ll only become an even bigger issue. Bitcoin has a fundamental design flaw in that it is dependent on an ever expanding network of miners due to the increasing difficulty of each new block. There is the ultimate trade off of time vs computing power, both of which determine cost. Maybe other cryptos address this design flaw like ETH with its proof of stake model or XRP with the proof of consensus model. But anyone investing in the long term should do so after this bubble pops so they don’t get ripped off.
  13. Since my last post, the Crypto market has wiped well over 50% of its value. With new regulations coming through and the frenzy dying off, I predict prices will continue to tumble (maybe a small resurgence beforehand).
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