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  1. Mufasa

    Very curious of your take on Bitcoin. Have you researched it at all?

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    2. Mufasa


      Interesting. i've heard mixed things regarding Islamic rulings so I'm not sure...

      Reason I ask all this is because I have a bud who's huge into cryptocurrencies and trying to get me involved. I know little about investment, but I'm not opposed to putting in something insignificant and losable if it's Islamically OK I suppose.

      Maybe 80$ or something. I get why one would be opposed, though. 

    3. M-C


      Interesting conversation. My friend purchased a bitcoin stock at 900, and saw it go upwards of 3k. Seemed like easy money to me.

    4. Mufasa


      Cool to know, M-C. I have been doing a lot of research in the last day and I'd like to invest in Ripple/XRP. I feel confident that it's a good move, financially speaking. People think they missed the moment, and that *might* be true with Bitcoin, but there are other surging currencies that are still priced low and I think now is as good a time as ever. 


      But I'm a bit concerned with the halal/haram issue. More insight-Mo or others-would be appreciated. 

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