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  1. just binged stranger things 2

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    2. cubster


      So all episodes really are available? That's awesome. I went to download this first episode and saw the entire list and had a bit of a squeal but wasn't sure if it was all or just weird links lol

    3. Ishavemychesthair2


      Just finished season 2.  Well all but 6 minutes of the last episode.

    4. Mufasa


      I thought it was great.

  2. Usain Bolt loses to a two time cheat. Sad time for athletics. How are they even going to let someone who got caught doping twice compete. 

    1. Breeze


      We need more Mo Farah's

  3. Mo-

    Happy birthday Musa :)

  4. McCain diagnosed with brain cancer. Quite sad to hear. 

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    2. Hazera
    3. Mo-


      I like him yeah. Very good politician, strong moral fiber.


      Hazera he's a Republican Senator. 

    4. Hazera
  5. Happy birthday cherry! 

    1. cherry*tomato


      Thanks! Bit late. I have been super busy as of late. Hope you are well. Still in Leeds?

  6. Happy Birthday Uncle Owen!

  7. Seems there's a bug in "Topics" showing us inaccessible threads - I am assuming from the sisters section?


    I'd imagine it'd be better to disable that feature in case thread titles contain sensitive information. 

  8. Umm can whoever 15984_1495475283 is just be removed because they don't post and it is just linked to their twitter which from the last tweet seems to be a conspiracy theorist nut job. 

  9. Yanis Varoufakis is one of the few Marxists who I can see eye to eye to on a lot of issues.

  10. Slaughtering a cow in Gujarat gives you a life sentence according to new legislation passed. WTF.

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    2. S.W


      How can they *own* the land? Gujrat has a very high population of Muslims too.

  11. Our general section has been invaded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp's online battalion.

    1. Zimbabwe


      Yep, they totally misread the audience interests here.

  12. Rain drop

    1. Mo-
    2. Mo-


      please ban the bot bots

    3. Haku


      rap-a tot tot

      see a bot

      click re-pot

  13. All the morons who protested against British and American intervention against Bashar: are you happy? I mean THIS is the result of your actions.

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    2. WARRIOR2016


      All the invasions have caused a lot of civilian casualty

      even American drones.

    3. WARRIOR2016


      I agree about them sitting and watching.

      If you watched the UN emergency meeting it shows how both are guilty.


    4. WARRIOR2016


      so...who's gonna be next then?


  14. I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  15. baffled how anyone can mourn Castro ...

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    2. Mufasa


      it comes with a long list of demands regarding cultural, economic and political practices. Liberalism entails a complete loss of sovereignty for the periphery.

    3. Mufasa


      Yes, let's continue in a thread ;)

  16. Musa that's lame!

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    2. Mufasa


      Not all activity is good activity. It can be a fitna too.

    3. Mo-


      Shia scholars themselves can't defend it. Even their biggest scholars admit their Hadith collections are for the most part incredibly weak, so I guess there is no chance for that discussion on MM.

    4. Abdul Rahman
  17. so Turkey has gone along and betrayed the Syrian people.

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    2. Mo-


      ^ co-operating with Moscow and Tehran, who are the source of the Syrian people's problems.

    3. Mufasa


      So far, Turkey's support of rebels hasn't helped much. Perhaps they can play a mediator in the region, insha'Allah. It seems fighting cannot bring calm. So let's wait and see what "cooperation" means.


    4. Mo-


      well I can gladly take this back now. they're working on the ground with the rebels now.

  18. Shaver is right. mad there are people that legit fork out $597 for 'Islamic relationship tips' LOL.

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    2. Ishavemychesthair2


      No ones given me a deposit yet. Lame.

    3. Summer.Haze


      I agree with hakuna. Or any other ridiculously priced phones.

    4. oxy.moron


      It's more sad than mad.

  19. Mo-


    1. Mo-


      was going through my old MM status updates and remembered idio and yourself, whats good!

    2. Mo-


      Miss the old chat days for real.

  20. hello!

    1. Kaleidoscopic


      Mo- is an incomplete name. Hi!

    2. Mo-


      how're you!!

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