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  1. http://vimeo.com/74209333 - when MC goes for a ride
    1. M-C


      lol thankyou bro, u make me feel so cool. youre in that entourage too.

    2. Sal_the_man




      It's the rich parade!

    3. cubster


      could I 'borrow' your car?

    1. Mowgli


      Woah, I honestly never thought brothers/sisters were torn apart from each other like that, I figured they (north and south) were mostly separate like Indians/Pakistanis, that is awful, they didn't even get to choose :(

    2. Mo-


      yes. the communists refuse to allow people to leave precisely because nobody except those who are members of the communist parties want to live in a communist country!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WvMEVBc_wo - Bollywood-Lebanon fusion. your mind = blown.
    1. Mo-


      what does nari nareeen even mean!?

    2. Daria


      Lord knows what it means. I'm surprised you haven't heard this before, this is quite old. But good nonetheless.

  3. Seems there's a bug in "Topics" showing us inaccessible threads - I am assuming from the sisters section?


    I'd imagine it'd be better to disable that feature in case thread titles contain sensitive information. 

  4. "Wahid min asdiqa'iy 3la hatha al mawqi3 al muslim qal annahu kan bil masjid yatawada' wa kan fi sha5s bil 7mam, wa lam tal3 al 5ra sr5 'ALLAHU AKBAR!'" hahhaha :P

    Thanks akhi appreciate it

  5. grgrgrgrgrgrgr

    how are you?

    im GReat.

  6. I listen and write raps when i'm bored aha.

    Used to play acoustic a long time ago but I got lazy and can't remember how to play anymore.

    Yourself? :)

  7. Mo-


    it is 0, 6 , 7 and 9.

    Also all numbers in-between, all combinations of these numbers, at the same time, on all planes of existence. It cannot be the same number twice in any one instance, but can be the same number either 0, 6, 7 or 9 times in a single instance. Szine.

  8. wa akaykum al salam.

    Haha yeah Yorkshire has quite a few Muslims :P

  9. Happy birthday cherry! 

    1. cherry*tomato


      Thanks! Bit late. I have been super busy as of late. Hope you are well. Still in Leeds?

  10. Mo-

    Happy birthday Musa :)

  11. Happy Birthday Uncle Owen!

  12. just binged stranger things 2

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    2. cubster


      So all episodes really are available? That's awesome. I went to download this first episode and saw the entire list and had a bit of a squeal but wasn't sure if it was all or just weird links lol

    3. Ishavemychesthair2


      Just finished season 2.  Well all but 6 minutes of the last episode.

    4. Mufasa


      I thought it was great.

  13. McCain diagnosed with brain cancer. Quite sad to hear. 

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    2. Hazera
    3. Mo-


      I like him yeah. Very good politician, strong moral fiber.


      Hazera he's a Republican Senator. 

    4. Hazera
  14. Umm can whoever 15984_1495475283 is just be removed because they don't post and it is just linked to their twitter which from the last tweet seems to be a conspiracy theorist nut job. 

  15. Usain Bolt loses to a two time cheat. Sad time for athletics. How are they even going to let someone who got caught doping twice compete. 

    1. Breeze


      We need more Mo Farah's

  16. "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." - Sir Winston Churchill

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    2. Mo-


      who said in socialism there are blessings?

    3. iLikeToast


      that's just your spin on it bro. My point wasn't to favour one view over another, my point was just to say that rhetoric is empty.

    4. Mo-


      the statements aren't mutually exclusive tho.

  17. "The IP.Chat account number used is invalid. Please notify an administrator."

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