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  1. writing an essay for a friend about syria. it's one thing to read headlines. these detailed accounts are emotionally exhausting. oh how mankind has fallen.

    1. Mo-


      please keep the Syrian people in your du'aa. i hate that there is little more that we can effectively do.

    2. MissJJ
  2. sorry I have been less active these days, I have been working on some big things in my life. inshallah all works out!

  3. sorry I have been less active these days, I have been working on some big things in my life. inshallah all works out!

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      I always miss you, but you have so much on your plate now. I never want to disturb you. Are you well? And your family?

    2. Mo-


      @shaver nope!

      @Sal :D

      @AR Yes I am well thank you bro, miss you too. Family are all good alhamdulilah.

    3. lady_murasaki_sa


      Insha allah hope it all works out sweet mo-man!

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  4. i am incredibly angry right now

  5. Run them jewels fast!!!!!!

  6. woulda came back, woulda came backkk~

  7. from the beginning to the end, losers lose winners win, this is real we aint got to pretend~

    1. Sal_the_man


      Either you hate it, or you love it

  8. just bought a new crib three stories thats a trilogy! ~

  9. using no shave november as an excuse for laziness >>>>

    1. Eternalbreeze
    2. Faerie


      Is it only in the UK we call it Movember?

    3. cubster


      nope, we call it Movember here too.

  10. asked if I do this everyday i said: often ~

    1. M-C


      The kygo remix doe

  11. Zambia has a white president loool

    1. Olivejar


      An america has a black one,then sweden might get a gay one,and the french a woman..its all changing

    2. Ameena
    3. Mo-


      ^many people refer to him as a 'black man in a white mans body', he is quite the character from what I have read.

  12. She asked me "Who you gonna be, when its all over? When its all over?", I dont wanna think about that right now, heat of the moment

    1. Mo-


      man even this guys free songs are amazing

  13. I'm from the cityyyyyyyyy

  14. This boy got some Miles Davis in him talking all that jazz

  15. does anyone in London here go to speakers corner. theres this ginger guy that makes lies about Muslim i've seen him there for 2 years in a row lol

    1. Enigma


      Oh yeah, you get all sorts there. There's a guy there that claims he was formerly in the illuminati and he gave my brother a business card.

  16. The airport chauffeur a few days ago voiced his opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to us upon learning we were Arab. He said "I am Jewish and I am qualified to have this opinion, you Arabs should push them into the bloody sea". Woke my dad up from his sleep lol.


  18. same city same friends if your lookin' for me

  19. and you got a drop but you ride around with the top up

  20. We are not the same: I am a Martian, so approach my Phantom doors with caution.

  21. please keep me in your du'as. going through a crisis.

    1. Enigma
    2. '_SkyWalker_'


      Allah make your affairs easy and may it bear you reward. Ameen.

    3. Mo-


      thank you all <3

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  22. some league of legends games are just impossible.

    1. Meowkat


      I'd rather play with my cat toys. They're always possible to play with.


    2. Mo-


      i like cats

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