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  1. any bro's or sister in NYC anytime soon? need a favour thanks pm me :)

  2. cuz its 187 on an undercover cop!

    1. Mo-
    2. Enigma


      Owen is from California?

    3. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Owen is from everywhere...I'm in California.


      Mo- undercover does seem nicer than the original

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  3. on my wu-tang

  4. I miss GR :( hmm inbox me xD

  5. growing out of this site or growing into a wedding gown? ;) such a child but glad to know you've been developing your vocabulary and learnt the word puberty, proud of you :D

  6. where have you been did your prince of persia pop the question?

    1. Mowgli


      Woah, I honestly never thought brothers/sisters were torn apart from each other like that, I figured they (north and south) were mostly separate like Indians/Pakistanis, that is awful, they didn't even get to choose :(

    2. Mo-


      yes. the communists refuse to allow people to leave precisely because nobody except those who are members of the communist parties want to live in a communist country!

  7. Hey idio yes it is good that you are alive also. I am well and almost thriving alhamdulilah. Aww love you too <3

  8. thats ignorant aint it?

  9. sell off the ting im the king of jamaica

  10. UAE National Day yaaay 42 years of awesome

    1. Mo-
    2. cherry*tomato
    3. Hala


      Well, you guys know how to put on a good show, I'll give you that.

  11. happy birthday bro!!

  12. Dubai won the Expo 2020 bid!! YAY!!!!

  13. reintroduce the people I've been introduced to

  14. crazy rain right now

    1. Simmi


      Enjoy it while it lasts.

    2. Mo-
  15. thought you knew about the team, aye.

  16. wow LMS you are like the earliest join date non moderator member of the forum mashallah

    1. lady_murasaki_sa


      Hehe, yes indeed. I think they knew that I would single-handedly kill off this fine institution if I was let anywhere near the reins of power. Though I do have to wonder what epic stalking you've done to discover this fact :D

    2. Mo-


      i was looking through the forums members list and clicked by sort date.

      how are you anyhow?

  17. Mo-

    happy birthday sister :D

  18. hi idio how are you, hope you are well, please tell Elzen happy birthday thank you :)

    1. Kaleidoscopic


      hello, why don't you tell her yourself? She was laid on May 9th btw.

    2. Mo-


      her profile doesn't let me and shes never on.


      Oh why does she have a fake birthday. So confusing.

    3. Kaleidoscopic


      She says 'Rats!', that was a terrible typing mistake for 'Thanks!'.

  19. Mo-

    happy birthday :D

  20. Mo-

    Happy birthday :D

  21. Mo-

    Happy birthday fam :)

    1. M-C


      thanks brotha, i appreciate it homie G

  22. omg i found a dude I know irl on MM *kills self*

  23. Fatburger >

    1. Faerie
    2. M-C


      Fatburger sucks and I didn't know you guys had it. Five Guys and RED ROBINS is way better!

    3. Mo-


      five guys isnt here :( I love shakeshack though it rocks!!

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