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  1. More guests than users online MM these days lol.

    1. M-C


      Truth. Though right now 22 members are on. Usually it's a lot less these days.

  2. happy birthday w-r! hope you are okay sis.

    1. white-rose


      Thanks bro. Alhumdulillah, I'm good. :D

  3. hey guys great job at the whole naseeha thing i'm sure Nahla appreciates your public embarrassment of her. Perhaps next y'all could make a thread where you talk to each other about what you think of other forum members.

    1. Professional Human

      Professional Human

      I don't think anyone attacked her character

    2. Zimbabwe


      Where's the thread?

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  4. Mo-

    salams sister. How are you holding up?

  5. sorry RTA sis chat lagged and kicked me

  6. MC come into chat

    1. M-C


      roger that

    2. randomthrowaway


      MC is pretty much the most well-liked and popular dude on this forum, I think. mashaAllah.

  7. Pistachio my reason is that work is stressful so women shouldn't have to work so men don't get an earful when they get home after work :)

    1. Hala


      You might be onto something, there. But nah. When not stressful, workis pretty awesome :)

  8. hey Owen, how are you? How is your family, we miss you. :)

  9. Cos our presence is a present just to kick it is a blessing

  10. "The IP.Chat account number used is invalid. Please notify an administrator."

  11. Mo-

    Salams coach! I hope you are alright :)

  12. i don't understand what it is that you don't understand

    1. respecta


      I don't understand where Garp has gone, and I also don't understand why they don't hurry up and show Luffy meeting Dragon.

  13. It's the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen

  14. happy birthday owen!!!!

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      i just saw this, thank you so much! Your too cool.

  15. @Nahla: they want to protect you from the evils of other men, as us men know just how bad some of us mistreat women and cease to be just that: men.

  16. where are you these days bro? :( wallahi I miss you!!

  17. so thats what happens when Pistachio is asked annoying questions huh?

  18. Taking a hiatus off MM, I have LOTS of work to do in real life. Alhamdulilah things are starting to pick up pace! I may come in chat every now and then, but I won't really be posting in threads much.

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      i guess thats good for you? Masha'Allah, don't be a stranger.

    2. Yaya


      u nva made my sig omg

    3. Pow

    1. GuerillaRadio


      How is your leg, mine sister?

    2. white-rose


      lol! It was her arm not her leg.

    3. GuerillaRadio


      Ha! Apologies! How is your arm...and your leg?

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  20. omg amina comes for 2 minutes then disappears

    1. Mowgli


      You made me sig :wow:


      Where is it?

    2. Mo-


      in my thread u noob!

    3. AminaTutenkaMoon


      MO! There's some message that appears whenever I enter the room saying 'you've been kicked off' or whatnot. SO i would have LIKED to chat...but I can't get in :( CHAT HATES ME ;_;

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  21. Zimbabwe-aunty has now become the Elder-mod. THERE IS IMBALANCE ON MM! NEWBS, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! P.S., I will get back to doing graphics stuff TOMORROW, inshallah! However, if I do not do them tomorrow, expect a post-pone until next sunday most likely, as I am fully booked in real life for the rest of the week :)

  22. is it wrong to feel you don't deserve ni3ma? i hate this feeling.

    1. Aljannah


      Try extra nafl, and Dhikr might help overcome your issues :)

    2. Abdul Rahman
    3. Mo-


      ty Aamayzingah. Owen, ni3ma is blessings from Allah.

  23. alhamdulilah ^^

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