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  1. When all takeaways are shut and the money in your wallet is too big for the notes-coins machine in your dorm. First world problems.

  2. 53 guests. FUS RO DAH!?

  3. genuinely proud of my grades so far! A- minus and a B. 3 more finals to go! inshallah the rest are B or higher!!

    1. khirad


      Yay! Congratulations :D

    2. AminaTutenkaMoon
    3. Mo-


      alhamdulilah :) thank you all! B or higher average is good enough to get me into LSE for masters inshallah bcos its 85% :)

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  4. Mo-

    Didn't see your comment!! Next time just use the inbox ^^

  5. And really I think I like who I'm becoming

  6. alhamdulilah. all i can say is alhamdulilah wa la illaha ila allah. truly Allah has blessed me.

  7. they ain't crazy they don't know how insanity feel

  8. is it just me or is chat not working?

  9. "Wahid min asdiqa'iy 3la hatha al mawqi3 al muslim qal annahu kan bil masjid yatawada' wa kan fi sha5s bil 7mam, wa lam tal3 al 5ra sr5 'ALLAHU AKBAR!'" hahhaha :P

    Thanks akhi appreciate it

  10. make dua for my fiance please, they are hurt pretty bad

    1. Pomak
    2. GuerillaRadio


      ...deployed! Mine brother, may Allah make it easy for you.

    3. Mo-


      Thank you all

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  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WvMEVBc_wo - Bollywood-Lebanon fusion. your mind = blown.
    1. Mo-


      what does nari nareeen even mean!?

    2. Daria


      Lord knows what it means. I'm surprised you haven't heard this before, this is quite old. But good nonetheless.

  12. eid mubarak homies

  13. Mo-


    it is 0, 6 , 7 and 9.

    Also all numbers in-between, all combinations of these numbers, at the same time, on all planes of existence. It cannot be the same number twice in any one instance, but can be the same number either 0, 6, 7 or 9 times in a single instance. Szine.

  14. I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam. - Sheikh Muhammed Abduh

  15. Just pray that all goes well for me! :D

  16. Mo- has found a potential other ^^

  17. grgrgrgrgrgrgr

    how are you?

    im GReat.

  18. The world still owes approximately $35,151,311,851,612 USD it does not have to aliens after it has used all its money.

    1. Summer Haze

      Summer Haze

      We owe it to aliens GR.

    2. Summer Haze

      Summer Haze

      Hypothetically speaking. That's the total debt of the world.

    3. Mo-


      after paying all the money we have, we will all have on average 5021 dollars worth of debt to some unknown entity.

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  19. iOS 5 looks insanely good.

    1. cubster


      is it out yet?


    2. Mo-


      Apple are ahead by loads. Why else do you think its most valuable company?

      no not yet cubster its out most likely this quarter.

    3. Professional Human

      Professional Human

      tbh that looks rubbish, looks like they ran out of ideas.

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  20. officially in UAE for uni, year early too, yeaa boi.

    1. Abdul Rahman
    2. Zimbabwe


      What really- you're going to uni in the UAE? Masha'Allah- congrats and enjoy!

      What are you studying? :)

  21. Man today at my friends house I plucked a date right off the tree fresh and ripe from his garden, tastiest thing I have ever eaten, mashallah

    1. what the heavens!

      what the heavens!

      date trees, where are you, Mo?

    2. Miah


      Sounds awesome! (:

    3. Mo-
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