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  1. https://youtu.be/hE6pOQizvvU Forgot how to insert videos!
  2. It'll be sad if it's gone
  3. Muffffffssssaaaaa! How are you? Ya still remember me??😂

    1. Breeze
    2. limitofx


      He is on FB posting obscure nonsense.


  5. Hello? Can you hear me..

    1. cubster


      I'm in California, and the reception is bad, so not really :P

  6. I was supposed to post my reflections and although I have a few things to post. My time runs short due to motherhood. All's I can say is may Allah make it easy on all mothers. Ameen ya rabb. I will instead post a poem I typed on Insta a while back!
  7. Bismillah as we enter the first day I'm reminded of forgiveness. Pray everyone's fast goes well this year inshallah with Duas and love. Peace
  8. I named my daughter Saara Hanna although I wanted her first name to be Hanna didn't happen... I've always wanted to name a daughter of mine Hanna. The husband wanted Haneefa so he could be known as Abu Haneefa lol🤣
  9. Will be posting again on this inshallah! With literally days to Ramadan what have you prepared for this blessed month?
  10. Getting alot of cramping in my leg :(

    1. Breeze


      Are you home bound ?

  11. When you get stabbed several times before they get blood out of you!

    1. Breeze


      Are you ok??

    2. Awesomeness


      Did you Facebook live it?

    3. superman
  12. Another great muhaddith leaves this earth, what do we have left to cling too?

  13. https://tinychat.com/epf25k 


    Can someone try link n let me know if it works

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