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  1. Getting alot of cramping in my leg :(

    1. Breeze


      Are you home bound ?

  2. When you get stabbed several times before they get blood out of you!

    1. Breeze


      Are you ok??

    2. Awesomeness


      Did you Facebook live it?

    3. superman
  3. Another great muhaddith leaves this earth, what do we have left to cling too?

  4. https://tinychat.com/epf25k 


    Can someone try link n let me know if it works

  5. We need chat on MM! Tiny chat?

  6. Hazera

    Ramadhan Reflection and Dua's XD

    Flicking through my insta i came across this post i made last year... Ramadhan was a bit hectic with so many things happening...hardly had time for reflections. But the hardest thing was when my father got hit by a car and was injured. I realised how far i was from my family and although that day after iftar my in laws allowdd me to go home. The mere fact i wasnt there for those 10 hours, really killed me... this is life. you end up where life takes you. Where ur destiny lies and Allah knows best why youve been put there... Allah make it easy on all. Ameen. Sigh...
  7. The heats draining me out :(

  8. Belated Eid Mubarak ya'll...

  9. Week of ramadhan gone already :o have a blessed jummah everyone :)

  10. Hazera

    What I Had For Suhoor today

    Fruit platter galore! This ramadhan just cant get enough of fruits its a must at me in laws house. i literally down a whole bowl of watermelon to meself!
  11. And the light kept on beaming like it was its last...

  12. Hazera

    Ramadhan Reflection and Dua's XD

    Ramadhan reflections will follow soon inshaAllah