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  1. Mine sister, what is going on here?

  2. Yeah, I have left Islam.

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    2. Faerie


      Yeh I don't think this is emjay, seems out of character.

    3. Dee


      go away troll.

    4. Lupin


      OK I'm locking this since WHN says this is not EmJay.

  3. shukran and don't worry ukhti about annoying me.

  4. YES! Great deal on that handbag. I iz satisfied. Now all I gotta do is get that paycheck inshaallah.

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    2. rammy


      I just store things in my beard. That's why you should grow one too.

    3. Miah


      Ha! I was thinking about the benefits of a beard the other day. The one at the top off my head is too embarrassing to tell. -_- Speaking of : http://www.biggerbetterbeards.org/

    4. Summer Haze

      Summer Haze

      ^^HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Anything longer than fist length = :fear:

  5. LOL I don't want to come off as insensitive, so I'll send you a PM regarding the whole rape-thing all I can do regarding this subject is pull out the 'don't assume anything' card I joked that you were gonna pull out your feminist fangs, not that you were overemotional or to stay 'patient'. Again, PM inshaallah
  6. Mussdawg, since you don't necessarily agree with anything that has been said, it would be quite interesting to hear your response when you do have the time, inshaallah. Time for me to go to sleep.
  7. EmJay

    Since I know you'd be wondering:

    Nah, still NO NEWS :S This is stressful.

  8. Brool story Co. Was talking about Khadeejah, no need to pull out your feminist fangs. (Ok last joke I swear, sorry )
  9. Great, the TFF reader's fanbase decided to settle themselves down on MM? (just kidding yall teehee)
  10. You said they were not angels. They made mistakes. I replied with they are better than angels, and explained why. Now if you feel like it was accusatory, at this point, that's something you may have to deal with your own self.
  11. Mashaallah, great reminder to All of us. May Allah swt reward you. DI you coming back to MM? We need you akhi
  12. Why are you so nice, mashaallah! I'll Agree with Nadiha over the fact that you are a sweet heart, may Allah SWT reward you my wali MC!
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