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  1. Summer Haze

    7 Annoying Trends on Facebook

    *bump* That sneeze one is hilarious.
  2. Whether we are extremely happy, or extremely sad, give it some time and we eventually go back to our 'set point.'

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    3. Hazera
    4. Summer Haze

      Summer Haze

      ^^This is just a snippet, there's more in the link I posted."The hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the supposed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.[1] According to this theory, as a person makes more money, expectations and desires rise in tandem, which results in no permanent gain in happiness. "

  3. Summer Haze

    Halal-up-to-date- Part time Qwaali Artist

    Are you going to be the next halal up-to-date part-time Qawwali artist?
  4. Cubstar is a poet in the making.
  5. Summer Haze

    Questions to ask before getting married

    I don't see it as an issue if it is business-like talking-wise. But knowing the questions you want to ask ahead of time would be good, rather than pulling out like 50 pages of notes, lol
  6. Summer Haze

    Questions to ask before getting married

    lol MC - Knows every meme ever made in history. xD
  7. Wow, looking at teenagers these days makes me feel sober. O_o

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      Lol what do you mean?

    2. Summer Haze

      Summer Haze

      They seem like they're on 10 red bulls at any given time. So unbelievably hyper and say the most random things. lol Long trip home on the train. -______-

    3. M-C
  8. Summer Haze

    League Tables Confuse Me

    Hey, off topic but schol-related. Do you know of any interesting study/findings done on tobacco and nicotene. I need to hand in a paper topic to my professor in 20 minutes. lol
  9. I read that as pound 500. And pound 500 to go where? /sleeptalking.
  10. Summer Haze

    Questions to ask before getting married

    ^^lol As long as you ain't serious about her, I guess it's fine. I'd love to see the girl's reaction. You should post it on MM.
  11. ^^Yeah, I remember him saying that. Deeeeeep.
  12. Summer Haze

    Questions to ask before getting married

    LOLLL Yeah, I'm not willing to live with in-laws either. I don't get why people get offended when you are straightforward with them. Like I shouldn't be asking straight questions and sugarcoat everything. If people get offended by questions, that's a warning sign right there. A friend of mine is getting married soon and I feel kinda bad because she is going to be living with her in laws. I've heard countless negative things that happen when living with in-laws. The environment is not even typical for a married couple, with everyone all up in your biz and all. lol She doesn't want to live with the in-laws, and even told the guy, and he wasn't budging, so in the end she ended up compromising.
  13. Summer Haze

    The unboring of MM

    More people participating might make it interesting. It seems there are only a handful of people who actually make a thread. Threads don't have to be controversial or religion based, it can be just for fun.
  14. Summer Haze

    Still alive

    14, 000+ posts, 9367214297364 containing the word yes.