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  1. The scary voice over doesn't help :/ Movie looks pretty rubbish. And now I have the paranoid feeling that something's watching me. Great. And agree with Writeous on that point. Yet I found the YouTube comments funny with many saying that "they don't exist" and the concept of jinns are a load of rubbish...little do they know.
  2. the awkward moment when your relative starts nattering away in Punjabi and you have no idea what they're saying :/

    1. Pomak


      thank god I can't relate to that. :D

    2. Keena


      I can!! My gran speaks mirpuri :| And I have no idea what she's saying..

    3. ThatMuslimGirl


      I've learned the worst thing you can do is nod or shake your head. Just don't do it. I've gotten my mum into trouble by doing that!

  3. Marco Simoncelli was only 23 when he died today. Life's so short.

  4. I still get a thrill when I see that someone has viewed my blog, hehe :D

  5. ^ Forgive me. It's my eccentric English. When I say 'you', I'm talking about a general 'you', a made-up 'you' not you...if you get me. Whoops :/
  6. My mother calling me for Maghrib Salat 'I'm coming mother!' *scampers off*
  7. I want to write out a surah to help you get proposals but I'm worried in case my mum finds it. I'm 18 and I'd like to get married, am I strange?

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    2. Coach


      I don't know you, but I feel there is nothing wrong with your choice. I think it is hard for any Muslim to go to school, away from their family, and stay on the right path. Good Luck with whatever choice you make.

    3. Coach


      I don't know you, but I feel there is nothing wrong with your choice. I think it is hard for any Muslim to go to school, away from their family, and stay on the right path. Good Luck with whatever choice you make.

    4. ThatMuslimGirl


      Iby I agree with you, who can guarantee that your future will flow as easy as it does on paper? Jazakallah for your support/advice bdm112 and everyone else. May Allah reward you all xx

  8. Beauty in Islam isn't wrong, Allah loves things beautiful which is why when you look around you at nature, you see so many beautiful things alhamdulillah. Prophet Yusuf (a.s.) was known for the beauty Allah bestowed on him. It's not wrong to care about your appearance, what does concern me is when the appearance becomes more important than the deen. For example, I knew someone who would spend half an hour putting their make-up on, arranging and re-arranging her hijab and so on. One day she realised the amount of dhikr she could have done when instead she focused on her looks. Now she spends about 10-15 minutes in total getting ready and the time left? She does her duas, reads some duroods and dhikr etc. The statement about 'what a person does in their faith for Allah is how they plan to find a mate', I don't really understand fully. What I deduce from this is that they're implying that our actions in Islam is based on our plan to find our future husband/wife. Correct me if I'm wrong and forgive me if I'm wrong, but that's what I get from it. We do things SOLELY for Allah not for other people. If we do it for others then our good deeds won't get accepted. And about dating Muslims. Seriously, I'm trying to understand this as well. Dating in Islam is haraam. Period. However, as with other issues it's up to the individual to decide for themselves which path they'll tread. I try not to judge other's situations and I'd suggest the same for you. I've got better things to worry about with my time than looking at whose doing what. I do understand where you're coming from though. It's hard to practice your faith when you see people doing so many contradictory things. But like I said, you focus on your own deen. You can help guide people in the right direction however, like I said before, it's up to the individual which path they'll tread. I hope this has helped.
  9. I can smell pies but I can't eat them :(

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    2. Maethorion



    3. Dee


      omg i thought that said 'i can smell piles' :I

    4. cubster
  10. going to find some archaeological digs that I can attend :)

  11. I'm a realist. It took me a while because I got lost...
  12. I got bellyache. I think I may have 'possibly' eaten too many chips...

    1. cubster


      me too! And I had too many potatoes from the curry

    2. ThatMuslimGirl


      ahh sweet. What sorta curry?

  13. sat in the library...not working...as per usual :/

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    2. Kaleidoscopic


      yayy! Library times! Let's be bored together.

    3. Daria


      I'm in a controlled assignment exam type thing and still bored.

    4. ThatMuslimGirl


      Now sat at home doing absolutely nothing because it's too hot >:|

  14. Jazakallah for the friend request :)

  15. ya i'm the first and only, like i am on many others profile :D

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