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  1. Sadia. Enigma misses thee. I hope you're well wherever you are. xX

  2. My uni is called an institute. They offer undergrad, masters and PhD. It isnt a uni because it doesnt have a research center and the programs are limited (Business, Computer Science and they started Finance and Social Sciences this year). So, is my 'institute' a university, according to international standards? Most of the places in my city are called colleges or institutes formally but they are basically unis because, well, duh.
  3. Salamzzz. how are you? quick question: I know 3 in 'ain' in Arabic, 7 is ha, the neighbour of ain, and 2 is hamza. are there any other numbers that represent arabic letters? t

    1. '_SkyWalker_'


      Wa AlaykumuSalaam. Alhamdulillah I'm well, yourself? Hmmm, the other commobnly used ones are 6 for 'twa' and 5 for 'kha'. There are more but I don't I haven't seen them being used often.

    2. khirad


      I'm good alhumdulillah. JazakAllah :D

  4. I can't focus on studying for the final tomorrow. I just can't study after midnight and there is so mucheft to read :( Only Allah can help me. Gaaaaaaaaaah. And its cold. Why do I have finals in Jan? Stupid system.
  5. I will call her up eventually but I will apply for TA thing at my uni next semester inshaAllah. so what do to? let go of this thing or what?
  6. I had a 'sort of' job this semester, was grading exams for my teacher at my old school. She used to call me up and ask if I could do it and hand over the exams to me So, I did it till November, Mid December is winter break for kids and idk when they come back but they're supposed to have exams every month. Khair, she paid me for November and never contacted me again. Does this mean I'm a bad TA? Should I call her up? I have finals this month but I'm all good after 20th so obv I want to do it, good pay and all. Sooo?
  7. by school you mean school or college? Also, YAYAYAYAYYAAY aaaaand last week of 1st year. inshaAllah I'll be out of this torture in no time and join the other program. Duas please, I just hope the transfer is smooth.
  8. People make it such a big deal here if you delay you're graduation. I mean, it's my life, if I don't have a problem why do you?
  9. Okay I thought Canada and US were 4 years and UK 3. Here you cant really accelerate and the standard is 4 years. But I'll be probably doing 5 cuz I;m shifting my program and the other one is just starting so they'll put me with the first years. your explanation makes me feel better about graduating late. Thanks
  10. wait, you can get accelerate your program? How many courses do you take every semester?
  11. But you should enjoy 4 months of peace too DOWN WITH SUMMER SCHOOL!
  12. Take summer courses? My uni forces us to take summers if we aren't taking regular semester. And when the system crashes cuz of too many people using it at the same time and you're like OMG I DIDNT GET REGISTERED THIS SEMESTER. I thought Canadians get 4-5 months of break. All my classmates who went to Canada are already back/coming back. Why is that so? How long is your regular semester? And summers are just 2 months right, right?
  13. Happy Birthday WTH I'm sorry I'm late but there is so much difference in your time and mine, I keep messing it up ANYWAAAAAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY (Imagine this in huge pink font, I forgot how to change the font) :dance: Did you dance? Did you smile? Did jump? DID YOU FEEL A HAPPY BUBBLE? *insert picture of a cool chocolate cake here* cuz I don't know how to do that either
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