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  1. Rankism is an assertion of superiority. It typically takes the form of putting others down. It's what “Somebodies” do to “nobodies.” Or, more precisely, it is what people who think they're Somebodies do to people they take for nobodies.

    1. Troll Czar

      Troll Czar

      everyone has a need for importance. those with least of it struggle most for it, often in form of putting someone else down to secure a small dose of feeling important. Women are the meanest to women for this reason.


  2. yasir qadhi's seerah series goes into some detail. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAEA99D24CA2F9A8F you'll have to locate the exact episode.try one of the last episodes. but the sunni explanation isn't that convoluted. Since the incident, Prophet SAW remained few more days, and on some days he was felling better, but there was no effort to bring the issue back. The disagreement by Umar is attributed to his judgement, and difference in opinion is nothing new.
  3. ^ oh no! how is your tummy feeling? Does your eyes feel ichy?
  4. @musa: there are people at all points in the line at any given time.
  5. How you say in French white rose the mega bumper
  6. This place fills a troll faced hole in our hearts ♥
  7. wow, the media bias against Bernie is reaching propoganda proprtions!

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    2. Meowkat


      He still has a chance at winning this! New York and California have the most delegates. If he wins those, he'll sky-rocket!

    3. Meowkat


      New York- April 19, 2016

      California- June 7, 2016

    4. Mufasa


      Haku: Proof? Obama had more delegates and more states that Clinton at this point in 2008. More states had voted, but he had over 850 delegates. Clinton currently has over 1,000 (yes, technically they're not finalized). Sanders has around 500.


      Meowkat: I hope you're right. He definitely CAN still win.

  8. When you'll get married, the interactive chart: http://flowingdata.com/2016/03/03/marrying-age/

    1. Summer.Haze


      Closer to 30s. Sounds about right.

    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      I'm a 1% man three times...

  9. that's one-punch-man, the most powerful hero ever. I think he can beat gaku/superman too. The story is an excellent antidote to lazy writing. The author took it to the next level and doesn't even bother explaining the back story. He just wins. rest is trivia.
  10. its like if a reasonably powerful alien (with white skin and blue eyes) fell to kansas (ha!), how would the hillbillies see him? wouldn't they elevate him beyond his powers? wouldnt they spin elaborate stories? thats the story of superman. I weed out the impossibilities and take only whats consistent. if superman's powers aren't even consistent with physics of that fictional world, out goes that power. btw, one punch man can splat superman.
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