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  1. Freak you posted nothing on my profile -_-. You made me sign back in here.

    1. Aljannah


      LOL best day EVER <3

  2. M-C

    wa alaikum as salaam bro! how's everything going?

    1. Zunnun


      Alhumdulillah good.

    2. M-C


      mashAllah, that's good to hear man!

  3. M-C

    hahah, nothing much broo. just waking up right now. wassup witchu? you out of town right now? and lol @ bubbles

  4. Zunnun

    Dang it....it takes too much to write on someone's profile. I just wanted to say "Wassup?"

  5. With great hunger comes unhealthy eating disorders. --Uncle Bond

  6. In your face people, I have just received an email from someone in Nigeria. I inherited Million Dollars from a long lost uncle, all I need to do is send $500. muahahaha.

  7. Theory of Evolution/Disbelief is a farce. Imagination of a mind.
  8. I cant find arcade from this new profile :(

    1. Shattered~Dreams


      that was the best thing here.

      those games are strangely very addicting

    2. cubster


      whoa noora, that kinda hurt my feelings :(

    3. Zunnun
  9. Can women who pray salah at home pray as soon as time is up or do they have to wait until they hear adhaan from masjid? Cuz sometimes asr time starts at 3:30 and adhaan at masjid is around 4:15 and they pray at 4:30.
  10. M-C

    i've been aite dude alhamdulilah and haha, yeah, still hanging around like a yoyo.

  11. How do ì get my access back to chät?
  12. Zunnun

    Wa aleikumus salaam man..how are you? still hanging around?

  13. M-C

    salam. bro. wassup

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