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  1. Khy82

    I have wasted my life

    that was beautiful. I love it when poetry fight back from being boring and slaps you in the face.
  2. hahaha, these are male chauvinist pig remarks, and chauv pigs are even more haram! but seriously, at least we're not FEMALE CHAUVINISTS!!! those girls who don't care about anything as long as their man makes enough money to get them a house, luxury car, digital satelite (to watch hours of crap reality shows), and all the crap a sex in the city gal would be getting (I'm referring to haram brand names like gicci, prada, coach or any other lable made by slave children).... hmmm fat girls... guys, if she had a good personality, 'would ya?' lol... smart ladies out there, (I'm not correlating fat and smart) guys are usually visual unless we're blind, or hiding something behind our beards. I just woke up, I'm saving any creative thoughts for my own writing. khy,
  3. Khy82

    Muslim Writers

    sad to say that's not always the case. I have people come in the book store looking for 'black authors', 'jew writers', 'christian authors' som have the audacity to ask for respective sections. who a writer is (just like a politician) and their personal beliefs, points of origin, community, and expereince influences the way people write and read. sad fact, but it's how it goes. if stories could make it on their own the authors name wouldn't be in big letters on the front covers. khy,
  4. omg, cat, funniest friggin reply EVER!. I was loling f'realz! mind you, it would have been done with a bit more style, but I think you got the point across. kinda brings up a good point. you're smart, great, what else are you? do you meet the other requirements for the groom or do you think you just do?
  5. Khy82

    Muslim Writers

    what about fiction involving muslim characters who make reference to their religion? what if they are poor examples of that religion? what if they believe and exhibit actions that they know are 'unislamic'? where does the writer stand, where does the character stand?
  6. ok, what makes a Muslim writer? is it the religon of the writer? is it the subject matter? the place he or she was born? the boringness of the story? the amount of east vs. west bullsh** subtext most of them carry? jew bashing? let me know because I want to be an author, and I am muslim be default. khy, ps. yes "boringness". eat me:P
  7. Khy82

    People who act like Fakes...

    should you be nice if you just don't give a flying fuc-- .... ok so I'm surprised no one had posted a hadith or anything... the prophets were all sociable blokes, even when they got their war on. personally I try to stay quite and smile. if the BS is unbearable, then it's best to say things like "hmm I never saw it that way" or "that reminds me of this one guy who was totally fake. I punched him in the neck." you know stuff like that. khy, ps. I already know the next response will be: "hmm I never saw it that way."
  8. so I'm gone for this long and y'all spnd 23 pages on 'smart girls' hahaha, I can't even fake intrest, everyone start organizing elopes.
  9. As salaamun aleikum


    Haven't heard from you in a while bro. Gimme a shout man. And yo, if ya need to take it easy, lemme know bro. Success is all about patience. :)

  10. I think that idea is still up in the air. the shift would be from 'getting nice stuff' to being as sutainible as posible. it would be a paradigm shift that that would have to start at the people (ie the grass roots level) and work it's way up to changing trends and corporations would have to follow suit and have to sell things that did support sustainibility. so for the record, which is it, capitalism or sustainibility that you choose? such as? what could many people wanting the same thing do when they want to take power away from a corporation? where does a corporations power come from? if there isn't a solid plan would boycotting not be the est thing untill there is another more comprihensive way to take power away from corporations (the ones that hinder sustainibility)? I looked at the boycotting thread, you're right (see I can admit when someone is right ) you're not saying boycotting is wrong you want a more permanent solution. thing is we all do, and to do that the first step is to move away from products like these. ok so here we agree that materialism and islam don't mix, I whole heartedly agree to the point of calling someone a kaffir, personally I try not to do that, but that's just me. in terms of what capitalism is, Moslem and I had a great fight about this. I lost a tooth, and she has a glass eye. but don't look at it when it starts roling around... what capitalism is is something else altogether, how it interacts with islam is something interesting too, infact, the social ethics and justice in islam are what lead me to fair trade and eco-friendly products. as for the prophet(s) I don't think any of them were capitalists the way it is today. they made their money fairly till they had what they needed to survive. they did not abuse rescources, or human rights of their workers, they were not like the capitalists of today, capitalism is an idea that had been warpped and perverted to serve a select few, I hope Moslem can provide a link that that capitalsm thread that we fought on. TB4D, has taken a vow of poverty, that's cool, that's hardcore, that makes it imposible to find a wife (not a jab at you TB4D, you da man), he's given up material possesions as a goal for spiritual reasons. why can't other people give up certain things for the environments sake? or for fair trades sake? why not as people show consumers there are other ways to live. I'm reading a book called "not buying it" in which a couple decides not to buy anything they don't absolutely need for survival for a whole year. I'll keep you all updated on the book, but it is proof it can be done. there is a point to boycotting, there is a point to trying to be evnironmentaly aware. as for the prior, it is not the ends but a means, and even so, it is only a temporary means till we find something better, but until then, we educate and we free minds from thinking there is not way out. as for the latter, rome wasn't built in a day, nor were the pyramids, however unless god decides to strike it all down, we will try and undo things one brick at a time, and enough people even moving a single brick can take something bigger down. as for capitalism, we can only take it down dollar by dollar, or we take it down by changing the way corporations reach their goals. khy,
  11. so... "capitalist greed" and sustainiblity are polar opposites... as muslims what side do we choose? find me a legitimate scholar who will say we should side with greed(a sin) and I'll leave you alone. I can find islamic scources to back up sustainibility, I have found them, and showed them to everyone here. living green is living the green deen. so sustainibility won't work under current capitalism, interesting (I think we say that idea in another thread). capitalis greed is unislamic... capitalist greed is based on not caring who you step on to get what you want, ie the justification of slave labour and rescource abuse. how else do you strip a corporation of it's power, but to boycott it? capitalism is not the problem, a fairtrade, free market is a just market.(the prophet was a merchant, he was a capitalist I presume, but he did not horde, nore did he say it was ok to have a monopoly, nor did he abuse his rescources, nor did he mistreat his workers) the abuse of human rights and rescources is what ruins capitalism. as for addressing it, we did. but this is what we got in responce: http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17372 khy,
  12. shifting responcibility could mean showing corporations that consumer interests have changed. if we can get them to think they could make money of saving the world then ok, lets do that. the problem with giving technology time is that we don't know how much time we have. since the corporations are spying on us all the time, we have to show them sustainibility is number 1. khy,
  13. wow. you've actually brought up a good point. first time for everything:P the techno-economic debate. ahhh old techi-ecci... so can technologies be used to save the earth? possibly yes. Are they, or will they be? that depends on if that technology is economically viable. what does that mean? it means if the product doesn't cost a corporation too much to make, and it can be sold at reasonable prices, so we won't see earth saving technologies untill they're cheap enough to produce? they can be produced. so why don't they? because corporations couldn't make enough profit on them to bother. why is that? corporations are guided by profit, greed, and evil (business ethics as some call them) they won't invest in an idea untill they can gain a mass level of profits off off said technology. don't they have enough money already? yes. they could heal and feed the world severl times over, but why should they, they're not real human beings. then what are they? they are soulless demons from the planet glaxvox, in the galaxy chubaroon 5 (it's the one that looks laike a munnkeee ) are you serious? no, these last two lines are false. khy, ps. the point was that the technology arguement could be valid, but the economics they hinge on are flawed. the tech is there. the price to help humanity hasn't been met yet.
  14. Whoa, DI, you know I agree with you on most of these things, but one think I do not agree with is throwing the K word around. you don't convonce people by saying that if you don't agree with you they are going to hell. Ishave, I'd apologize on DI's behalf, but untill he actually does, I'll at least say you don't deserve that, or anyone who refuses to serve the environment for god. cause personally that's what the MM environment and social movements are about. personally i've always thought and started threads as a spiritual connection to the things around us. with imams telling us to stay away from the material traps in this dunya etc etc, we sometimes do ignore it. I know I did. but when we have facts of the here and now to back up what is said in those khutbahs, like, don't buy that gas guzzler luxury SUV, it's not only because it's material obsession, but because it's also bad for everything around it. that knowledge was way ahead of it's time, personally, I've just been trying show that it had a practical application too. khy,
  15. Khy82

    Boycott EVERYTHING.

    sad? or extreemly awesome? I mean some people are so edgey, so extreme and so hip that they're beyond 'anti-corporate'. infact they're so edgey and extreme and non-conformist that they go against sustainible living! screw you earth, it's us vs. you and we're gonna win! thats extreme! don't get in their way. they're edgy and non-conformist. khy,