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  1. M-C

    Last film you watched?

    BLACK PANTHER YASSS It was a good movie. Not your typical superhero movie with a typical superhero plot it felt deeper and more relevant to political issues but you could still see the heroism. important movie for this generation to watch i liked it. and All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA is a beautiful song - the offical music video is very good too!
  2. M-C

    Last film you watched?

    I watched it. It wasn't my favourite Star Wars film but the visuals were nice and a couple of the scene settings were amazing. I don't think I'd watch it again tho. Last movie I saw was Coherence. Such a mind-bending movie and with a budget of only $50,000 it relied heavily on acting and a very cool story. It's another one of those dinner party movies, which I like! Similar to The Invitation and Would you Rather
  3. M-C

    Last film you watched?

    Jumanji WAY BETTER THAN I THOUGHT ITD BE. I had fun watching this movie.
  4. M-C

    Listening to...

    Did you see her performance at the CFL Grey Cup halftime show?! It was such an obscure Canadian event loool edit: damn thats alotta plastic surgery indeed
  5. Happy birthday cherry!

    1. cherry*tomato


      Thanks. Sorry for the reply. Hope you are well.

  6. M-C


    wa salaam spuddy. Yo, did you ever end up finishing that big arse paper you had a little while back? How did that go?
  7. There is a grammatical error in the thread title. "A inimitable"? it should be "An inimitable" Would Lewis make such an error? troll confirmed.
  8. M-C

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    I saw it on opening day. I did not expect much from the movie and thought is was going to be a dud but i was pleasantly surprised! I had a lot of fun watching the movie. The visuals were great. You think they are going to make sequel?
  9. M-C

    What I Had For Suhoor today

    Like others have said, its best to space out your drinking and eating. Granted it is hard to do because you gotz to sleep innit. I find that drinking milk goes a long way for me - it hydrates and nourishes all at the same time. I had a bottle of gatorade, water (roughly 750mL) and homo milk ( roughly 750mL). I drank all of that within about an hour so definitly a lot of liquids in a short amount of time but I needed to get it down. I also had some oreos (lol), dates, and nuts.
  10. M-C

    Last film you watched?

    I wasn't expecting Logan to be what it was. Not your average superhero movie but I agree it was amazing. Good call m8, this movie was sick.
  11. M-C

    Last film you watched?

    I saw both of them. spoiler alert?: Split: wow, good acting by James McVoy for sure. Loved it. Overall it was a fun time watching that movie as crazy as it was. RIngs: I was expecting way more scary bits. the only time i was startled was when the umbrella opened right at the camera lol. But the premise for the Rings movie is pretty scary and this movie just lingers with me, it's a freaky concept overall. I didnt't think it was predictable at all, I did not see that twists at the end comin. Oh I hate watching trailers now, especially for any genre other than superhero/disney movies. It ruins it for me. All I need to see is the movie poster and maybe an ad spot. Lol it's nice to see you out and about on these forums John Wick 2: 10/10 *****5 STARS***** A1 SICK MOVIE. Watch this in theatres!
  12. M-C

    Like Business

    You're talking about this right? - In one post, Zimarina wrote this: "I am extremely offended Oxy has not liked my previous two posts." (link) - Then in response to the above, Mufasa echoed the same: "I feel like that too sometimes. Like 'why hasn't oxy liked my post yet?? Did I do something wrong??'"" Didn't Zim and Mufasa say themselves that it was just a joke?
  13. M-C

    Last film you watched?

    I saw it last night! I think it's worth watching.
  14. The most shocking part of all this is that it happened at university. Maybe she flunked her exams and went batsh!t.