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  1. Hi, where are you these days? I see you lurking and being elusive. 

  2. Happy birthday cherry!

    1. cherry*tomato


      Thanks. Sorry for the reply. Hope you are well.

  3. salam

    wa salaam spuddy. Yo, did you ever end up finishing that big arse paper you had a little while back? How did that go?
  4. There is a grammatical error in the thread title. "A inimitable"? it should be "An inimitable" Would Lewis make such an error? troll confirmed.
  5. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    I saw it on opening day. I did not expect much from the movie and thought is was going to be a dud but i was pleasantly surprised! I had a lot of fun watching the movie. The visuals were great. You think they are going to make sequel?
  6. What I Had For Suhoor today

    Like others have said, its best to space out your drinking and eating. Granted it is hard to do because you gotz to sleep innit. I find that drinking milk goes a long way for me - it hydrates and nourishes all at the same time. I had a bottle of gatorade, water (roughly 750mL) and homo milk ( roughly 750mL). I drank all of that within about an hour so definitly a lot of liquids in a short amount of time but I needed to get it down. I also had some oreos (lol), dates, and nuts.
  7. Last film you watched?

    I wasn't expecting Logan to be what it was. Not your average superhero movie but I agree it was amazing. Good call m8, this movie was sick.
  8. Last film you watched?

    I saw both of them. spoiler alert?: Split: wow, good acting by James McVoy for sure. Loved it. Overall it was a fun time watching that movie as crazy as it was. RIngs: I was expecting way more scary bits. the only time i was startled was when the umbrella opened right at the camera lol. But the premise for the Rings movie is pretty scary and this movie just lingers with me, it's a freaky concept overall. I didnt't think it was predictable at all, I did not see that twists at the end comin. Oh I hate watching trailers now, especially for any genre other than superhero/disney movies. It ruins it for me. All I need to see is the movie poster and maybe an ad spot. Lol it's nice to see you out and about on these forums John Wick 2: 10/10 *****5 STARS***** A1 SICK MOVIE. Watch this in theatres!
  9. Like Business

    You're talking about this right? - In one post, Zimarina wrote this: "I am extremely offended Oxy has not liked my previous two posts." (link) - Then in response to the above, Mufasa echoed the same: "I feel like that too sometimes. Like 'why hasn't oxy liked my post yet?? Did I do something wrong??'"" Didn't Zim and Mufasa say themselves that it was just a joke?
  10. Last film you watched?

    I saw it last night! I think it's worth watching.
  11. The most shocking part of all this is that it happened at university. Maybe she flunked her exams and went batsh!t.
  12. Listening to...

    You pretty much introduced me to them!
  13. Listening to...

    Good stuff lol That Cat Stevens song was lit, I liked it. I liked it a lot more than the avett brothers song. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Wow, Trump is elected POTUS. Shocking. Astonishing. So many questions..

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Senate and House as well