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  1. man, u havent changed ur display pic since u first joined MM.. all the way back in early '05!

    Happy Birthday.

  2. umstah

    S-E-X- Ed

    Some responses here I didn't expect. I would consider it incredibly awkward to discuss anything sexual with my parents, and mostly likely will not talk to my children about sex either. Just makes for awkward dinner conversation you know? lol

  4. happy birthdayyyy

  5. There used to be this really cool site, The Brown Times. I would go and check it daily, laughing at the amusing articles and posting on the forums occasionally. Then, WITHOUT WARNING NO MORE BT \= but Maniac Muslim was announced a link on the main bt page so here I am
  6. umstah


    Coulda sworn I posted in this thread in the last year ... Anyways... Menu asli Lahori Punjab loog sabse achhe lagdehein
  8. umstah


    A question that was asked several times through this thread why do guys talk to non muslim girls but not muslim girls? They probably just want to talk to the gori girl who is a lot more "open" than feel bad over their lack of sharam over what they are doing/waste their time by talking to a muslim sister who has sharam.
  9. Yes, Counter-Strike is old, but gameplay wise CS 1.6 is the best FPS hands down. At the CPL level, you need truly incredible talent, mental strength, and the dedication to win. F.E.A.R free multiplayer has been occupying some of my time lately though =| And to the people who say cs is an MMO, im not sure you guys know what an MMORPG is, first off its not an RPG... nor is a persistent online world... Also, for people who say MMO's are a waste of time, the human element in killing bosses, leveling, etc are incredibly fun. Don't knock it till you try it IMO.
  10. PC gaming dominates Console Gaming. For anyone who thinks otherwise, I simply say three words. Mouse and Keyboard. Consoles also are limited by the ability to patch games, patching on PC is much better. Also internet play on PC is much more extensive. Another HUGE world that video games cant even touch is the modding community. For example, There are hundreds of excellent half life 2 mods that the xbox half life community cant play. Anyways I mostly play Warcraft 3: FT (Dota) you can find me in channel Boo @ USwest, name is umstah. I also play World of Warcraft, you can find me on Dalvengyr, name is umstah (8/8 NW etc..) Counter-Strike is my main FPS, used to play in CAL - M.
  11. I'm a freshman at college this year and amongst all of the desi crowd im friends with like 75% of the "muslims" drink and some smoke (not cigarretes). Yah obviously not my close friends.
  12. Personally I feel that calling Pakistan a "muslim" country is a pretty big fallacy. You can basically do anything that you can in the US, and the corruption in Pakistan is mind-boggling. At least in India corruption isn't as rampant. If Pakistan hadn't been created muslims would have a much stronger political voice as we would make up a large portion of the populace. If you are loyal to the US are you loyal to a kaafir government? I think it's a similiar question.
  13. Its definitely superficial, but then when I ask myself would I prefer someone that was darker or lighter, I would prefer lighter. I guess im just as superficial =|
  14. Personally I wouldn't want a slave/robot for a wife.. but maybe that is just me =P
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