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  1. I really dislike this teacher. So while she was explaining I just told my best friend and seatmate something and she thought I was talking (she was explaining the topic... AGAIN.) So she was like "Stand up and give us the answer, write it on the board." So I stood up wrote all the answers on the board and walked back to my seat, she was silent then went back to explaining. When I reached my seat and I was like "OWNED! FOREVER OWNED!" This year, I'm happy she isn't teaching us 8D I love Sir Kenneth. What's it with me and negro teachers? Not much of a rant is it? I just hate her >.>
  2. Gulfnews was like covering the first story full on. Its really sick. And surprising that almost my whole class doesn't know it.
  3. Isn't it sad that I've been living in Dubai all my life, yet I haven't visited many (large) places which usually gets loads of people?
  4. How nice father. Changing Google Chrome to Bengali >.>

  5. Yeah... I managed to erm... replace Malfoy Manor from England to Dubai? Let me clear it up that I am NOT A HOUSE ELF! I uh.... stalk Draco?
  6. I hate shutki. Worst thing. Ever. Wait, no bananas go there. They make me vomit (literally.)

  7. Whereabouts? Dubai if that's what you are asking about whereabouts
  8. How nice... my two bus friends are unintentionally ignoring me :/

    1. '_SkyWalker_'


      Tis a shame. I'm sure they'll realise and say sorry.

  9. I think I heard that Bangladesh, Nepal & India had an earthquake? InshAllah no lives were lost (and hopefully my Mom hasn't got any injuries).

  10. Salaam Of course! The way JK just planned it all was incredible! Alan Rickman's performance in the last scene broke thousands of hearts all over the world. Do you agree that he should win an oscar for Best Supporting Actor?
  11. What a bad daughter I am Actually my Mom can cook really good, but she shouldn't attempt much (mother, do not attempt making mash potatoes with gravy, the ones we get from KFC).
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