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  1. Rest in peace Coolside. It's been a year but I still can't believe you're gone. :'(

  2. Hipsters are gripping there pistols this year, baby rappers will be racking thrift stores this year, rockers are revealing grills and popping pills, and popstars are caught shuddering at camera shutters... many got no style, just deconstruction - Denizen Kane

    1. Coach


      I am going to love my childrent and be a better Muslim. No deconstruction for me please!

  3. New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Sunday

    Ok, agreed! (Plus we all know Eli Manning kicks ass)
  4. New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Sunday

    You are officially awesome. I will now stop hating on Tebow and resume hating Romo.
  5. Pillow Talk

    What do you mean Dee?
  6. EX RNB Singer Turns to Nasheeds - Omar Esa

    Mashallah, I quite enjoyed it! Much props to the Brother
  7. New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Sunday

    The Giants are awesome! take that back! Tebow can't decide whether he's a QB or a monk.
  8. Freakiest Machine You Will Ever See!

    Dude! That is awesome!
  9. Prayer Mats!

    No, that's incorrect. It's mubah to have a picture of the kabah. Mine is blue
  10. Jones v. Machida Open Thread

    It's because Bones has thrown in a completely new dynamic, his style and technique is completely new to the game. A lot of these guys aren't hugely technical. Bones isn't very technical himself, but he exploits his reach to such a huge advantage. If someone like Benito Segura was to challenge him I think Jones would have a very difficult time. But, alhumdulillah, this is a good thing for the sport! It means the sport will have to develop and evolve!
  11. 2011-12 NFL Finals Prediction Thread

    We will...
  12. 2011-12 NFL Finals Prediction Thread

    Yeah that's true! But who said boys would make it to playoffs!
  13. 2011-12 NFL Finals Prediction Thread

    Wow, it has been a crazy week! Hey, when you going to the Dallas game?
  14. Random Islamic Questions

    Yes you can, if they greet you you can return the same greeting back to them. No, you can't change the niyah during the salah. The correct way to rectify this siutation is to have performed the sajda of forgetfulness. You need to make up the fajr qada again.
  15. 2011-12 NFL Finals Prediction Thread

    Are you serious!