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  1. Mabrook respecta You should have taken a photo everyday for the past 16 weeks, because their face changes a lot during these few months!
  2. 11 years on MM and I still keep coming back. Why?

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    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Did you know that when donuts were first put out, they were dough naughts. Like the number made from dough and then fried.

    3. Haku


      see, wasn't that worth your visit to MM?

    4. Croissont
  3. It is engineering, sort of. From what you stated earlier and my experience, the common questions and traits can be classified as general, theoretical, field assessment / practicality, communication, evaluating stressful situations. Mabrook & mashallah! Are you good at haggling? If yes, evaluate your needs. Add 20~25%. That would be your baseline of negotiation. You can push even push it to 50%. In addition to this, its better to know the average payscale in your field of work in the part of the country you will be working in.
  4. Even though we are from completely different fields of work, a lot of what you said above is applies to mine. I'm assuming that over a period of time you can co-relate interviews & interviewers from different fields giving us a common denominator in facing interviews. That is probably how job portals dish out their "enlightening" articles.
  5. I used to read the comic wayy before the show was concieved and I remember that the story arc being pretty good. Haven't watched the show though..so how's it?
  6. Where's jonas?

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    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      He's a ghost dog. Ninja member

    3. Mowgli


      he's within us all

    4. Summer.Haze


      I'm sure he has a life, and a wife, and a family by now.

  7. Croissont


    Anyone have a quick fix for editing the *.vcf file on a different OS?
  8. Croissont


    Cost and version (16/32GB)? It costs about US$467 for a 32GB variant if you buy it off Google Play store. At my place, the 16GB is worth the same amount :-\ The thing is IF I had shipped it from the US, the warranty would be void and 4G would be be useless. How much did you get it for?
  9. Croissont


    Good phone. You buy. Don't cry. If bad, no sad. You buy, S3. Sell bad, be happy.
  10. How can anyone not miss jonas?
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