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    I love spots, Cardinals baseball, 49 ers football, NBA I like players more than teams - basketball is the best sport ever!!! Also, I prefer to play the sport first, watch the sport in person, and I don't like watching sports on TV...
  1. Let's go out and have a fabulouso day!!!!!

  2. Small stop, hope your all well...

    1. Abdul Rahman
    2. Summer.Haze


      Likewise, hope everything is going good. :)

  3. For Nadeem 'Cool Side' Jones

    Thought of coolside today. Miss his knowledge.....
  4. Big game for the Cards today! they just hit b2b homers and are up 3-2 so far.

  5. When I have a bad day I come here to read people's post and Laugh! Thanks for always being here! Insha Allah thing will get better!

    1. Maethorion


      InshaAllah *like*

  6. Looking for a refined wife

    I thought I was soooooo close then I am a blonde Wait scratch that. I think I am nothing what he wants cause I speak my mind too I am going to marry a poor man and he will be rich because he get me!
  7. Ramadhan kareem :)

  8. I want to lock the door and not let the students in! LOL The look on their faces! Yeah I let them in! UGH

  9. School Rant Thread

    I don't understand WHY ! If I am not giving an exam WHY do kids still show up to my class ! :angry:Seriously???? GO HOME!!! Thanks I needed that!
  10. boring! we need to come up with time to meet in the chat room people!

  11. MMers who meet!

    Four hours is nothing! I drive that to go shopping! lol
  12. You know if Spud was allowed back maybe things would be different.... Food for thought... JS

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      You mean back in chat? He's still allowed to post

  13. I just want to be clear that it is time now to free Spud. Haku I think a year is good.
  14. Its time Free SPUD!!!!!!! And what Shave said about fantasy sport leagues.
  15. School Rant Thread

    Summer it is a classroom setting. The students are suppose to do work. Games are not an option.